Biggest “CHEATING” SCANDAL In Chess History

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Magnus/Hans Story
5:00 Game 1
5:55 Game 2
8:49 Game 3
16:25 Hans

Photo by Lennart Ootes:

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  1. look we've all played a Vienna against a Sicilian, all of us.
    it happens and we can't be afraid to talk about it

  2. This very closely resembles a big cheating case in the poker world right now. Garrett vs Robbi, a STRIKINGLY similar story. Big fish accusing little fish of cheating with no proof.

  3. It sounds like kids. When they lose, they accuse the others cheating w/o any evidence. Everyone said he cheated this way or that way, but there IS STILL NO PROOF. Stop accusing people based on your feeling. Glad that Hans is suing now. Let see if cried baby Magnus can show any evidence to back up his claim.

  4. This dude keeps saying "mistake, mistake, mistake" lol cheating isn't a mistake, it's a CHOICE

  5. The tournament was online or on the board?

  6. either the proof doesn't exist, or won't be found. so he's innocent legally. yet he will have the stain of accusation forever

  7. There is no clear evidence that Hans cheated. He is a Grandmaster as well. Magnus can not admit that he was beaten by a much younger guy.

  8. Magnus Carlsen tainted his name by himself only.

  9. Gotham on 0:23 say – Hans Niemann
    Subtitles say – Hans Demon 😁

  10. In my experience, when a top player, like world class or so, claim that another player cheated. He's right and he has valid elements to do so.

  11. The twist is Magnus has been cheating all this time(ok guys it's a joke)

  12. If you think about it it's almost like the 'two K's' right? 12543112

  13. Trying to separate cheating over the board and cheating online is like trying to argue you cheated on your wife with a man instead of a woman so it’s ok.

  14. can someone explain why the players are committing to threefold repetition?

  15. What chess board and pieces is that on display behind you

  16. Chess is full of lames that dont ever want to trade and attack. These masters of the game on the highest skill level, just repeating moves over and over until it's a draw, should be frowned upon more.

  17. While everybody is talking about the rest of the video, I can't help but notice Levy, an AMERICAN, called Mourinho a FOOTBALL manager and not a s*ccer manager at 0:39. He made my day just by saying that.

  18. For those of you who skipped ahead just know you did miss out on an interesting game

  19. "I'm sorry this is gonna be a light screen"
    Was the best warning ive got from a youtuber, love it

  20. Ok fine I'll watch the full video..sorry for skipping jeeezzz

  21. Bro that call out for skipping ahead was legendary 🤣🤣🤣

  22. It's good to see you are open again for indonesian

  23. So uhm, do we know anything else about this now?

  24. I love how carlsen used the jose clip 😂😂

  25. I love that watching Gotham's videos is not only a chess study, but also an english vocabulary study, as I am not a native english speaker and Gotham always uses some very hard words to me hahahahah.

  26. He was just salty because he lost to a new kid on the block. Hans is a worse player by far, but every dog has it's day. That was Hans' day. Shit happens.

  27. I was going to say shoe computer or other locations

  28. Glad to see the world finally have a positive IQ increase because of chess

  29. I swear the Hans line, is every single line when you get paired with a fresh cheater at 1200 xD

  30. I saw the whole thing and I saw a really interesting game that I didn´t understand

  31. The first game was very interesting, he is correct

  32. i just love that he calls us out for skipping ahead

  33. While Hans has cheated before he himself admitted at ages 12 and 16 that does not mean he is a cheater now it doesn’t seem for there to be concrete evidence for now

  34. Is this guy, Niemann quite possibly cheating, or maybe it's an anomaly. He's just playing very well? In 2008, Anna Rudolf, a IM, entered a tournament and beat a grandmaster. She even led the tournament at the time. Because the GM she beat was at least 200 points ahead of her, and she proceeded to win against other players stronger than her, she was accused of cheating by having a computer chip, in her lip balm, and was getting moves, from this item, everytime she used the bathroom. She claimed she was innocent.

  35. Hi! I'm Levy, welcome to the chess world. If you haven't played, you should – it's quite a fun game. Highly recommend my beginner videos 🙂
    This video was recorded the first day the 'drama' happened, so it wasn't as detailed as I wanted.
    I made an updated, more detailed video of the scandal here:

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