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In the most recent episode of The Long Game, Viswanathan Anand tells ten stories that contributed to the longevity of his career.

Watch the full episode here:
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  1. If this legend had been preferred as Byju's brand ambassador, things could have been different for Byju's!

  2. This happened in KERALA…seems some career terrorist parent from.KERALA😂❤❤

  3. Stranger : … difficult unless you were vishy anand

    Anand: got it

  4. Radhe Radhe Krishna 🥰🚩🌺🌺🥰👍🕉️🙏

  5. Haha ! Vishy you are a grand master of story telling too !!

  6. He is probably too much Orthodox and suspicious Brahmin enough, to reveal himself completely… But thats how Brahmins are bred like, as a community…. Inspite of that, I would consider Anand is enough simple, honest and enough open minded from the rest other Brahmin community, and thats why he could adapt as a No. 1 in the world too even if its only for a cpl of yrs 🙏

  7. There were Great Players before Sachin and There will be great Players after Sachin.
    BUT There will always be ONLY one Vishy Anand
    Definitely deserved the Bharat Ratna more than a Bat ka Grip.

  8. If an] of u 2..5 prrvet people talk to me i getu in jail.

  9. Do or die? I must solve the problem. Please help me sir. Chess is smartest play of India….

  10. I think he made an ad on this. Remember seeing it.

  11. well you could say he took that advice to heart

  12. This was published in the Reader's Digest

  13. Chess isn't necessary for prosperity or survival . Making a living is okay, but playing chess dosen't make you an asset for this world.

  14. Bhai bachpan se chess ka naam bhi inhi ki Karan Jana tha meri lagbhag class 3 se 7 tak ki gk ki har book ke har edition mein ek na ek baar inki naam dikh hi jara tha

  15. Old man be like: Ye ladka baat toh aise kar raha hai jaise Viswanathan Anand ho!😂

  16. Not at all surprised, in my highschool I heard nd read about Vishwanath Anand never seen his picture.

  17. He took “Bro thinks he’s Magnus” too seriously.

  18. Chess has the most number of tournaments so If you are a good chess player you can easily make your living

  19. So henceforth if anyone ever says… "naam me kya rakha hai" !!!

  20. Another fellow unnecessarily spouting nonsense and demotivating others to take risks. This is why most people in india follow the herd and do not break out as revolutionary players, scientists etc.

  21. It might be bad advice for Vishy. But for 99.9999% people thats a good piece of advice.

  22. Living Legend Genius Vishwanath Anand Sir❤🙏

  23. That gentleman just said "Bro thinks he's Vishwanathan Anand" 40 years ago

  24. firsttime hearing Vishy saying his name V I S H W A N A T H A N A N A N D" ..nice gentleman ,,,,Many budding young talents in chess look upto him for their chess journey

  25. "I am not in danger, Skyler . I AM THE DANGER " Vibes 😂

  26. Did vishy told the elder man the truth that he is the one ?

  27. this is the first time i saw young vishy, which really looks like a teenager. 😂

  28. Indias truly first world Champion. A great man with a great heart. A giant patriot who didn't charged playing for India.

  29. Hhhaaa .. what a moment for Visshy..❤❤ and what a proud moment for all of us..-Indians

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