Best Chess Player of Nepal v/s @TheGuideToChess || Playing With Nepal#1 Bibek Thing #chess

Welcome to @TheGuideToChess. With the Aim of Teaching chess concepts in simpler words to beginners and intermediate chess players, I have started this channel. People play chess for a long time and after a long time, they can gain experience on what to do and what not to do in certain specific positions, but if you already know what you should do and not, then you can improve your chess skills faster and in more efficient way and grow your rating.

Learn and Improve Chess:

In This Video, I have show and explained the game played by myself with the best chess player of nepal Bibek Thing. He is 2200+ FIDE Rated Player and He has 2500 rating in blitz in, He is currently in australia as I got to know this by himself during that game.This was most awesome game for me, this is first time I am playing with titled player and 2000+ rated persons. I Hope chess will be very big in nepal as well and we will see some grandmasters in near future.

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  1. hey, are there any otb FIDE tournaments hosted in nepal? and how do we find out if there is a tournament nearing

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