Best Chess Game…EVER PLAYED?

Unreal 2300 elo game.
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  1. holy moly. all the way up to Ne2, i've had this game (at 1150). i'm a god!.. opponent castled queen and got crushed.

  2. The king joins the party, safeguards himself, and survives. -Levy Rozman 2022

  3. You are, far and away, the best chess storyteller. Oration becomes you well.

  4. This is literally the best game I have ever seen…blunders are of two types…noob types and gm types…these blunders at times even seemed logical but were blunders ohh mannn

  5. @GothamChess There is a way of playing chess where both play their moves at the same time. this would only work on a computer,

    when both have made their moves it shows on their computer-screens.

  6. Queen blunders into rook and pawn (and neither side realised it??!!)??? A level that I can never achieved!!! 🤷🙈

  7. I'm really bad at chess, but somehow from the narration I could tell the insanely entertaining count of blunder in this game.

  8. John after seeing like 7 missed checkmates: Mentally dies

  9. Hades flag is not of Afghanistan….it is Indian flag

  10. I lost so many games because of time. I can't realy blame anybody here

  11. Check whether the players had alcohol 😆😆😆

  12. 12:51
    I think it's mate in 3 by
    QxBf6, Ng6xNf7, Be6xRf7#
    Please tell me if this is correct I just started chess

  13. This was so incredible. The degression from a high rated game at the start to just utter chaos to that final part where i think two chimps took over the board and just threw pieces at random spots

  14. At 5 seconds, the elo system is very inaccurate 😭

  15. This is why when i play with 700 i think i playing with 2000 rated lol

  16. Had to pause on 12:20, needed time to breath, so breathtaking this game is…. Would agree: best game ever! Unbelievable! GothamChess is the best chess entertainer! Fantastic!

  17. Dear millions of chess lovers! Set yout browser favourites to mark this video!

  18. I wasn't prepared for the story arc I was getting into

  19. What an intense chess game! It was really cool how the evaluation was so often based on alien moves the players would likely never find.

  20. At 13:16 why couldn't white queen capture c5 for Mate in 2? Couldn't you go f5 then g7 for mate?

  21. I did pause at 12:50
    I solved it in 10 sec
    I'm not trying to say (( ohhhhh I'm god of chess , I can beat Magnus )) no
    Bro when you give me a puzzle and say solve it
    I just always look for sacrifice's
    And puzzles are not good way to improve (at least for me)
    Btw can you tell me how to improve?

  22. I'm a 200 elo chess player and I found rook h8 immediately.

  23. 8:28 You know, it infuriates me that this question just goes completely unanswered.

    After Black plays Bf8, White has Qc2 to threaten Qxh7#. The only way to stop this is Nf6, losing the knight to Nxf6. If Black had kept their pawn on d4, then they would've been able to counter Qc2 with d3, and that is what makes the difference.

  24. 0:50
    When you’re about to play some nasty move you noticed by accident

  25. 5:20 maybe he was worried about black bishop to check? which would make him have to alter his defense on the middle

  26. Im very low level, 200-400 and most of games i play against friends turn into very locked games

  27. They play the move that make sense if we look outside but actually a blunder if we see inside it. That's why playing puzzle is good for looking the inside opportunity that we have.

  28. Eval bar finna turn to a God after all that exercise

  29. That pawn has to be the greatest pawn that ever lived, and it survived to the end of the game.

  30. Jfc what a game!!!!! Would not believe it if I didn't saw it

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