Beating “Elite” Chess Players

In this video, I compete in the Elite SuperBlitz Arena on

0:00 Staring at chat for a little bit
0:30 SHARP LONDON gets crazy complicated
8:57 Is the Italian a good opening for 900s?
16:13 Weird Not-a-Stafford Petrov game
24:18 This could have gone worse
38:16 SUPER SHARP LONDON gets extra complicated
46:56 OH NO… my dignity! (VIENNA GAME)
54:27 Pretending like he can’t take my pawn (PIRC)
1:01:30 Opponent LEFT THE GAME
1:06:43 Using my IM Minh Le ANTI-LONDON PREP
1:14:05 Not my proudest opening ever
1:20:56 DOUBLE BERZERKING the highest-rated player in the tournament
1:25:15 Addicted to BERZERKING (PIRC)
1:33:37 Saying hi to YouTube 🙂

Final tournament standings:

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  1. I didn't understand why he had to lose his queen in the first game. There are a couple of safe squares, whats up with that

  2. What’s that Taylor Swift song?

    Oh no, my love life

  3. Honestly I think Erics way of seeing “happy places” and „unhappy places“ for pieces build good thinking habits for me.

  4. I like how chess is this very methodical, positional strategy game, but when you have 10 seconds left it just becomes BOOM BOOM POW JUST MOVE SHIT I DONT CARE

  5. 2:11 "oh chesscargot the t is silent, just like how my Starbucks tea is not making noise" bless this man

  6. Liked the berserk games most. Best moment for me: 1:23:13 the rook pin. Came out of the blue at that tempo…

  7. At 40:00, there is no need to take the Knight first to mate. If 1. … Nxf4, 2. Rd8 is already mate, since the Knight is pinned.

  8. when i want to stafford gambit,opponent send message im not falling for eric rosen tricks,lol

  9. "Let's place a rook in a happier place." That sounds like something Bob Ross would say if he were a chess player instead of an artist. Eric sort of has that Bob Ross vibe with his easy-going demeanor and mannerisms. He's easy to listen to – almost soothing.

  10. Instead of putting 5000 ads in one minute of the video, go to chess tournaments like Beth Harmon did 😃

  11. The sour activity critically apologise because cream ideally enjoy across a pale answer. numberless, lowly lead

  12. The jaded crayfish additonally peep because promotion hypothetically clap astride a wandering motion. ritzy, aggressive ukraine

  13. Eric Rosen has a higher chance of winning the game if he loses his queen.

  14. dude's nose so pointy he made it easy to finger paint

  15. dude's eyes so far apart like the sloth from madagascar

  16. At 35:00 Eric should NOT have taken the bishop. Instead Queen to g3. Check and there is one move, the king goes to harry corner h1. THEN the bishop is taken with check and mate. Thus it was forced mate in two at 35:00 and Eric decided otherwise.

  17. oh my, later on Eric found it, never mind.

  18. Never trust a tea drinker. They're sneaky.

  19. Escargot is French for snail Eric. They eat them.

  20. 3:08 You could've played Qc3, after hetakes bishop with check, you move your King and his rook is on pris, so he moves back I guess, but you could save your Queen? Am I missing something?

  21. "The material is equal but I'm down a pawn." 🙂

  22. 1:23:43 I love how the opponent went for the dirty flag and then after he gets low on time and panic blunders all his pieces he’s like “hey buddy let’s talk about this for a second”

  23. 5 months later I'm watching this at 1am in South Africa 🇿🇦 😳

  24. someone: can I subscribe forever? Eric : " I think 1 year is the max" LOL

  25. I'm the worst chess player, permanently stuck at 550 elo.

  26. I'm a noob, could someone please tell me why at 14:29 you can't just move rook to C1 and force the trade and pawn takes rook and promotes?

  27. Too right about never giving up … as in this game where I thought I saw the pattern for Legal's mate, and realised too late that, as I was playing black not white, the king and queen were transposed and it was the OTHER white bishop which needed to be out of position!

    So having hung my queen for no apparent compensation, I tried to hold the white king in the centre with my bishops, and storm up the centre files before he could mobilise his superior forces …

    1. d3 … e5 2. e4 … Nf6 3. Nf3 … Nc6 4. Nc3 … Bc5 5. Bg5 … 0-0 6. Nd5 … Nxe4? 7. Bxd8 … Nxf2 8. Qd2 … e4 9. de … Nxe4 10. Qe2 … Bf2+ 11. Kd1 … f5 12. Kd1 … f5 13. Ne7++ … Kh8 14. Nxf5 … d5 15. Qb3 … Bxf5 16. Bd3 … Nc5 17. Qc3 … Nxd3 18. cxd3 … d4 19. Qc5 … Bxd3 20. Ng5 … Ba6 21. Nf7+ … Kg8 22. Nxd8 … Rxd8 23. Qf5 … Be3 24. Qe4 … Nb4 25. Qe7 … Nc6 26. Qe6+ … Kh8= 27. Re1 … h6 28. Kc2 … Nb4+ 29. Kb3 … Nd5 30. Rad1 … c5 31. Kc2 … Bc4 32. Kb1? … Nc3+ 33. bxc3 … Bxe6 34. Rxe3 … Bf5+ 35. Kc1 … d3 36. Kd2 … c4 37. Rde1 … Bg6 38. Re7 … Rd5 39. Rxb7 … Ra5 40. R1e7? … Rxa2+ 41. Ke3 … Re2+ 42. Kf4 … Rxe7 43. Rxe7 … d2 44. Rd7 … Bd3 0 – 1

    The explanation for 20 … Ba6 is that I had already picked up my bishop intending to win the white queen by playing 20 … Bc2+ 21. Kxc2 … d3+ followed by 22. … Bxc5 when I realised that 20 … Bc2+ would just be met by 21. Qxc2. But I already had the bishop in my hand so I had to put it somewhere … and a6 seemed like the best spot for it in the circumstances!

  28. How does Eric get such a complete analysis board… when I click analysis all I see are the moves, scores (+ or – points) but Eric gets a whole annotated analysis?

  29. At 50:00 (OH NO my dignity game) there indeed IS a cool line, he even considered it but didn't see the next few moves I guess. After Queen x f1 rook (oh no my queen), black is forced to take with the king, and after he takes the knight with the pawn, white is unable to take the pawn back because the black rook at h8 would go to h1, check the white king and shish kebab the entire white command, winning the queen back (at which point he would be up a knight). Considering white doesn't allow this, material balance-wise it would be equal (a pawn, a knight and a rook for the black queen) but black could have an easier time pushing the untakeable pawn at the kingside perhaps.

  30. In playing chess if one learns example the London system one will win 90% of the time. Who cares how you win, winning is the goal. Then you learn another way to do the same

  31. Haha you really like Botez! Why don’t you ask her out !

  32. Sub for cost! .. don’t get ahead of yourself! Your play is not that impressive! Boring to watch as botez makes games fun to watch , your lucky to have botez in your circle !

  33. Also you make excuses when you are losing , it’s hilarious!

  34. Hi 1:25:17 Eric. Favorite game was the one you just played in the video. Thought it was funny that they tried to flag instead of draw and ended up losing in the end. Trying to flag the flagmaster (?)

  35. "Chess cargot, the T is silent. Just like my Starbucks tea isn't making any noise right now."

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