Beat Good Players with the London | Games to Know by Heart – IM Eric Rosen

International Master Eric Rosen hopes to inspire you to play the London Opening. Learn the “Ashwin Trap” and see a game that Eric played against (probably) Fabiano Caruana. Follow along at .

Eric Rosen vs. Fabiano Caruana: A45 Queen’s pawn game
Gata Kamsky vs. Sam Shankland, 2014: A45 Queen’s pawn game

Ashwin Jayaram vs. Josh Colas, 2016: A46 Queen’s pawn game

Ashwin vs. Joel Banawa, 2016: A46 Queen’s pawn game

Jayaram Ashwin vs Kesav Viswanadha, PRO Chess League (Knock-Out) (2017): A46 Queen’s pawn game

Eric S Rosen vs Simen Agdestein, Xtracon Chess Open (2017): D00 Queen’s pawn, Mason variation


  1. Tatweer Chess Academy أكاديمية التطوير للشطرنج says:

    This lecturer is better than many GM's, because the job of a GM is (not) to explain to you, but to play, and win against you !
    A good player doesn't make him/her a good coach or trainer.

  2. Thank you for this! Do you mind sharing if their are any IM or GM that did not start playing chess as a child?

  3. Why does Rosen look so hot in this video?

  4. 39:41
    white could win this game if bishop from f8 come to a3 and because the pawn pinted to the king by the queen black cant eat the bishop and then its just game over for black

  5. This is a treat for chess lovers for sure. Thanks Eric!

  6. Black is in terrible position at 27:16, no doubt, but is there a specific reason after white Nxd7 black takes back with the king as opposed to with the queen or the knight? Is there some fork/pin/trap black is avoiding by not taking back with the queen? Some positional advantage to the king? If not, taking back with the queen or the knight would avoid the forthcoming queen check on a4.

  7. One of my favourite opening as white . I ❤️ the way Magnus plays the London.

  8. Make a video about how to beat bad players with the London.

  9. @22:33 the best and quickest winning line (after White's Ne6+ forcing Kb6) is 1.Nd4+ Bc6 (Kc7 2.Nxb5+ forcing Qxb5) or Ka5 then R moves or takes on b5 forking black's K and Q and White is about to go up a Queen and 3 Pawns for a Rook.

  10. My respects to IM Rosen. His teachings are quite good if we consider that he is just a human being. He is not at my same level in chess (3600 rated), but he is very clear to teach mere mortals.

  11. That’s not how the knight moves..

  12. That 'trap' is not a secret at all.
    I saw it in several books, alreasy many years ago.

  13. i come back to this video every 2 months or so, after playing some games in the London and somehow never quiet getting there. Then I realise none of my opponents play b6, and thats bcs I'm a filthy 1400

  14. Chess commentators need to stop showing all the variations. Focus on one thing

  15. If u play always the same preps and moves u just a noob. That's why Magnus is the world best player – he never learned these preps shts. Plus if u simply check any of ur step in analyser and checks what are the best responses to any move – u can simply learn the preps. Why people make videos of it?

  16. The most disgusting opening you can imagine in chess.

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