Babytron – Chess Players Ft. Daboii Instrumental

Babytron – Chess Players Ft. Daboii Instrumental

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  1. Three-five of Space Runtz, I'm floatin' like a astronaut
    Twenty in my Ksubis, finna walk inside Saks and shop
    You talkin' big money shit, but you don't have a knot
    Buffs white as hell, same time got the blackest pop
    Hunnid rounder, ahki slidin', finna whack a opp
    Two chains bust, next month finna grab a watch
    Gucci windbreaker, shoes, and the matchin' socks
    If you in the field, young boy, you better grab a Glock

    Yeah, if you in the field, young boy, you better grab a strap
    Chains, whips, and them bad hoes, I been had that
    I'll let off the first shot and get the last laugh
    And when I whip that big bitch out, better back-back
    Bitch keep tellin' me she miss me, with her sad-ass
    Pull up on yo' block like Lamar, where the stash at?
    I'll strip a nigga out his pockets and his Cash App
    Bitch keep tryna suck my dick, where the cash at?

    Purple on the tag, how the fuck is my pants black?
    Touchdown in Cali, where the fuck is my Lamb' at?
    Hunnid 201s, hit the store with a jam pack
    What is in yo' jeans right now? Fuck a flashback
    Life double G, I just spent a sleeve in Gucci
    Chopsticks right next to me, I ain't eatin' sushi
    Checkmate, chess player, finna put my feet in Louis
    Backwood, Backwood, bitch, I ain't seen a doobie

    Three-point-five in the 'Wood, I ain't seen a doob'
    Nigga keep askin' 'bout the opps, I ain't seen 'em, dude
    Backdoor me once and that's that, I can't see it through
    "Boy, why you cut them niggas off?", I ain't need 'em, fool
    Thought I had a drop on a opp but I seen move
    If I mix the Qua' with the pop, bitch, that's Beetlejuice
    The .9 on me, I'm in yo hood, I'm just breezin' through
    Yeah, that pussy nigga, he ain't make it, you ain't seen the news?

    Pour three sixes back to back, I'm a evil dude
    With my gang rockin' Bathing Ape, we just swingin' through
    Cut the traction off in this fucker, I'll swing the coupe
    Habibi, he the handy man, bitch, he bring in tools

    Call Tron, "Boy, I'm in a ditch, bring the tools out"
    If I don't got that bitch on my hip, I don't move 'round
    If we get the drop on yo' ass, boy, don't move now
    Bitch keep lyin' 'bout some shit that I knew 'bout

    Glock with the tip, if I flick this bitch, it's a fully
    Six hunnid dollar shark head when I zip the hoodie
    Eighty dollar eighthy in the 'Wood, I ain't hittin' Cookie
    Uncy in the kitchen with some, finna whip some bully
    I'm either off the tech or the three stripe joggy
    Thousand dollar double cup, no, this ain't iced coffee

    Body on it but he still bought the .9 off me
    Man, this ain't no regular-ass J's, these Off-Whites, doggy
    This bitch got a whole ring, get yo' wife off me
    Five bands and a pint, what yo' life cost me

    You gon' catch a bullet, tryna take some ice off me
    Call of Duty weapon, AR with knife, doggy

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