Average new chess player

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  1. Bro eat rook with the pawn by going straight and also took the king 💀

  2. Finally someone who knows how to use the premove

  3. They gon hire him to become a camera man

  4. love how at the end of all this white hung their queen

  5. Frank is improving faster than 80% of us he gonna be 2000 by the end of the year

  6. BRO I GOT THIS GUY’S SHORT AFTER THIS VIDEO LMAO. Btw his name is frankishere976

  7. He premoved the entire game omg he next hikaru

  8. its all fun and games until frank becomes gm and easily beats magnus

  9. If you like Hikaru, pin this comment..
    Lets see….😐

  10. His opponent hung the queen at the end too 😂

  11. Y’all laugh at the wrong guy 😤😤😤 Look at where he is now.
    ( Joke )

  12. Little did we know he was actually just a gm in disguise gaslighting all of us into believing he was bad

  13. Bro is better than Hick-a-roo in premoving 💀

  14. The people in the comments didnt know that this was the moment a legend was born

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