Armageddon Championship Series: Americas. DAY 7.

Welcome to the most starspangled showdown in the Armageddon Championship Series: Americas.

Tune in live on March 12 at 19:00 CET for chess heroes under intense time pressure with realtime heartbeat and calorie burned level as they race across the board for the chance to win €50,000 and two spots in Grand Finale.

Armageddon Championship Series is a season of ultra-fast blitz tournaments with continental qualifiers and a Grand Finale event. The Series consists of seven-day double-elimination tournaments (if a player loses a match, he or she can still win the tournament and is eliminated after a second loss). Matches consist of two blitz games (3 minutes plus a 2-second move increment) and, if necessary, an Armageddon (5 minutes for White, 4 minutes for Black). There are two matches per day. The top two players of each event secure two places in the Grand Finale. All games are broadcast live from the Armageddon Studio in Berlin, and the total event prize fund of the Series is €460 000. The Series is organized by World Chess.

Commentators GM Simon Williams and IM Jovanka Houska will do their best to keep up.

Mark your calendars on March 12 at 19:00 CET.

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  1. Why Hikaru was not playing? Congrats to Wesley

  2. Jovi: "Quicker than you can say …. whatever" – LOL. Exactly the kind of rabbit hole I go down when public speaking.

  3. Very easy win for SO. no titled players joined

  4. Congrats GM Wesley So for winning Armageddon America's Series.

  5. Congrats GM Wesley So. Kudos to organizers, sponsors and specially the commentators for making this event enjoyable to watch.

  6. Lets go wesley!! Great tournament i had fun watching

  7. Congratulations SGM Wesley So♥️! Greetings from Philippines.

  8. Congratz again! You made us proud to be Pinoy.

  9. Efrain Villanuevamy puntos nba c kai says:

    Congrats my gm ,Wesley so

  10. Super Strong and Brilliant Grand Master Wesley "Snipe" So Congratulations for winning Armageddon 2023!!!

  11. God bless po Sir Wesley So..and congratulations

  12. Congrats "W"esley "S"o!!! This was a great series to watch and I will definitely be watching the others!

  13. Such a impressive play by Sam can't wait to see him in final in September and Congrats to Wesley.

  14. I have been following the games of Wesley So, undoubtedly elite, a very strong player, has proven himself a true champion in many strong tournaments, has beaten Magnus in finals of 2 big tournaments, has won the Chess Grand Tour twice, etc, too countless to count and can definitely play in any time control – yet amazingly very modest and defers to the other players and always show gratefulness for the tournaments he is part of whether he wins it all or not. That’s what make him different from all other great, elite players.

    Big congratulations, Wesley, keep going, you’re doing great, and great ambassador of Chess, likewise always glorify God in your life and for the talent He gave you for His glory👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  15. This tournament is made for Wesley So to champion 😂

  16. Chingtong sunk like a soyfak made boat. Hey chingwah where's the fried rice 🍚

  17. Xie Jin poo got excited and offered organiser money 💰 to let tingtangtong win but the money turned into rice. Hey chingwah where's the fried rice 🍚🍚🍚

  18. Wesley said he wasn't superstitious but keeps to the same clothes when he wins. Now if that isn't superstitious then I don't know what is.

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