Are They Chess GODS?!

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  1. Shogi is a fascinating game. I tried once. I wish chess has that concept of bringing back pieces to the game, it's so much fun
    Edit: I don't know much about the topic but i think shogi computers suck (compared to chess ones), so it's like the game is SXX stage of chess or something like that (correct me if you know better about shogi and I'm wrong, would be nice to learn about it)

  2. Whenever I hear Shogi Merum vs Komugi comes to my mind
    Edit :- Oops I was wrong it was Gungi (fictional game) not Shogi

  3. Speaking about shogi,which opening do u guys like to play?

  4. let's vote!
    if you want Levy to try learning or at least watch a high level shogi game like this comment! (Levy should still learn the basics of shogi to understand what's happening)

  5. As a person who plays Shogi, Xiangqi and Chess, I'd say Shogi is far more complicated calculation-wise.

  6. Just commenting for anyone who is interested in Shogi or Anime to watch March Comes In like a Lion.

  7. Since a lot of the issues with OTB seemed to be psychological, maybe doing twitch streams with a licensced therapist could help? Like you could really open up about stuff you never talked about on stream, insecurities and fears etc. Maybe feeling you dont deserve your success for some reason? Or some type of Rosetta stone discovery moment where you have a breakthrough could make for a really great clip and help contribute to awareness and lack of stigma around mental health. Really hoping this retirement is just for 2 years or so

  8. I was a Shogi player before I switched to chess in 2020, and it definitely helped my chess play. The calculations are definitely more complex.

    A key difference is that in Chess, more pieces have greater range and the board is smaller, and so a single piece movement causes greater significance of change.
    In Shogi more pieces have smaller ranges, and the board is larger, thus a single piece movement has a smaller effect on the board overall.

    but again, calculations are different. You could trade your Rook for a Silver General knowing that after they recapture your Rook you can drop that Silver into a checkmate, or onto a square that forks pieces elsewhere and gives strategic advantage.
    I still play Shogi sometimes, but mainly play chess since it's easier to find opponents. It's also just an easier game.. (By the end of one game of Shogi, I feel like I've calculated the equivalent of three games of chess.)

  9. Levy and Rosen should try Shogi against each other as a first game. PLZ make this happen <3

  10. finally someone recognized how great and complex shogi is

  11. Glad to hear about shogi in Levy's channel!

    Anish had lived in Japan for some years when he was a child, and he played a simul against Japanese 1st 2nd 3rd on the last November. (2W1D for anish, the draw is made by a pro shogi player.)

    I will be glad if Levy makes a vid about games played by pro shogi player such as GM Peter K Wells vs FM Yoshiharu Habu (2005).

    Habu was the strongest pro shogi player for like 15 years, and he also had became the 1st chess rating in Japan.

  12. I have way more fun playing shogi, but there aren’t any good shogi websites to play on and ofc no one plays it near me

  13. So what he's saying is if you need to get better at calculating learn to play shogi.

  14. Shogi training arc is like the leg weight training

  15. anish :
    their calculation skills are better than ours??? levy is like hmmmmmmm…..levys brain is like :hahahaha wtf anish is talking about lollllllllllllllllllll

  16. Its same like the game Hive, where the ends games is with all pieces and a lot of calculation. Recommended game.

  17. Frat'm nun capisc' chist' titolo, servirebbe 'na traduzione in napulitan'

  18. shogi is super complicated and way hard than chess given the aspect in which anish said it, the pieces come back and endgames are barely much of a concept as there will always be dead pieces coming back onto the board. given the positions and long time formats its also super harder to process and why it takes so much time for even a couple moves to digest it. the top shogi player, legendary Yoshiharu Habu is a FM in chess being a side hobby but insanely skilled for being the best with his deep calculation and understanding. i think in my opinion one of the things that makes shogi such a interesting game is how much studying and time it takes to even get towards master level whereas in chess the concepts and skill is basic with not much difficulty as again the calculation, timing, and skill needed for it are way less harder considering that in shogi pieces come back and positions are far more complex to grasp even for the average player. i am trying to learn shogi and even started my account on lishogi as maybe i want to be a master in it one day, only time will tell really but despite being somewhat decent at chess, i am really bad at draughts and shogi but i still am gonna try my best. also hi levy i enjoy your content keep it up 🙂

  19. Levy vs Eric Rosen shogi 1v1 sounds interesting

  20. Since you've given up on chess you should try out shogi

  21. I'll expand a little on what Shogi is. "Sho" "gi" literally means "general('s)" "game". It was originally designed for generals to improve their military and strategic thinking. The ability to place captured opponent's pieces back onto the board (which takes up one turn) came from the way mercenaries from defeated opponents would also be captured. Capturing the opponent's mercenaries often meant you could re-employ them as your own forces. 
    Another layer of complexity in shogi is that when you enter the opponent's territory, your pieces promote (like a pawn becoming a queen in Western Chess, but pieces don't have to reach the last square of the board). There are two types of promotions, depending on the piece (i.e. all pieces except the king, gold, bishop and rook promote into golds, gaining movement of a gold piece, whilst a rook and bishop promote into "dragon" and "horse-dragon" respectively, which basically means they can move like kings and retain their original moves. Probably doesn't make that much sense via a textual explanation, but once you make sense of the pieces and play around with a few openings, it is insanely fun. Or you could take the mind-blowing approach of my non-shogi player friend which is simply to "Kill the fatty" (meaning kill the largest piece on the board; the king). Other helpful sayings my friends came up with are "sacrifice for a reason" (if you've blundered to lose a full piece then sacrifice it even for a pawn) and "don't place in haste" (think before you move, this saying can also be used gloatingly). Lastly, there is also "thinking is overrated… attack!"

    If ya'll want to play shogi, I highly recommend the youtube channel Hidetchi, although he has stopped posting for many years now. Anyhow, I still suck at chess, being stuck at an ELO of 1000. I really need to learn some chess openings… sorry for not watching any of those yet, Levy

  22. The real reason Levy is retiring is to finally pursue his Shogi career

  23. Post the full streams of anish and sagar on your channel please

  24. Chess God offers draw after 40 moves with knight and rook chasing a lone king… making no king moves of their own.

  25. Cool video, I also shoot about chess and I will be grateful for the rating of the channel, I look forward to everyone) If you like my videos – subscribe)

  26. Maybe Levy is retiring from competitive chess to play competitive shogi 😂

  27. American, I play both
    Shogi is much more intense through the whole game. It never gets comfortable

  28. Finally the shogi content I’ve been waiting for

  29. Omg I wonder what they’re puzzle rating is then

  30. A mandatory comment from Japan.
    Our living shogi legend, Habu, never got the IM title because he couldn't allocate much time to his hobby he picked up in mid 20s. Yes. Mid 20s. And he got to barely below 2400 in a few years. But that's an exception.
    We currently have a couple IMs who are not shogi players and we have an FM who's pro shogi player.
    Still not a single GM. Nakamura doesn't count because he's American.
    Since we have massive shogi culture people just don't pick up chess. Quite sad. Our olympiad women team got rating of 1800s…

  31. You should legit play other games like shogi and go and see if you can get to the equivalent of like 1500 level!

  32. "I uhh just played chess on the side. Only IM though. No biggie"

  33. I learned shogi first before chess which means I suck at both.

  34. Playing shogi as someone who has only played chess is so confusing. Pawns take forward and that alone means you will blunder constantly. It's a cool game though, you can try it on lishogi and just change the pieces to be like chess instead of japanese kanji.

  35. you should play go, it's way harder than both chess and shogi combined, and more fun imo

  36. Levy you can dominate the english shogi scene because there aren't many shogi english players, you would be one of the first to git gud at it. Also, shogi harbour is a shogi pro that speaks english and always collabs with many streamers to teach them shogi.

  37. They need to change the shogi "appearance" that is well suited for international. Dont use kanji, use colors and pattern for the pieces. They did this in shogito but im not impressed yet. The pieces is still ugly

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