Are Chess Streamers Actually Smart? ft. @GothamChess



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  1. My reaction test score is 95ms
    Edit: I tried again and got 33ms, why is it so hard for you guys?

  2. Bro said english major 3 times, and he got what he wished for Major in english.

  3. If there was a flag on geoguessr ludwig would get it.

  4. you know someone is from the us when you look over to chat while trying to name countries and see texas.

  5. The way they said Canberra. Also no, there is nothing there.

  6. 20:14 “I ain’t gonna lie brother, you lost by a lot” hectic 😂😂

  7. The only thing I’m good at on human benchmark is sequence with getting a 47, but I could probably go higher if I haven’t sleep deprived myself

  8. It Devastates me that he doesn't know the Philippines

  9. Levy is just crashing him unstoping 😂😂😂

  10. how the fuck do you get 200 points on an SAT

  11. bro that pronounciation of canberra was so american, i cant believe yall talk like this daily

  12. Take a shot everytime Levvy complains about a disadvantage ❤😂

  13. Ludwig: i know like 95% of europe
    Sees Russian flag
    Ludwig: Netherlands

  14. I like Ludwig but does anyone else feel like in this stream he was acting really cocky

  15. Ludwig’s chat is so stupid. They were going crazy over the “free queen” when it was so obviously a trap

  16. Funny that Shogi was one of the wordle words

  17. 37:26 someone asked what the word “hogan” means. Basically it’s a hut built by I believe the Navajo Indians but it might have been the Apache I’ll have to look it up
    Edit: yea it’s a Navajo hut

  18. There’s very few people on earth who can beat me at word games. Idk if I’m autistic or what but words stick in my mind forever I never forget how to spell a word and hardly ever forget what a word means that I’ve heard before. I’m a beast at wordle and scrabble

  19. Does anyone have the list of games that were played in this stream? They seem like awesome games

  20. For Those who don’t know the gambit Ludwig was playing in the first chess game was called the Ohio gambit

  21. 31:27
    English MAJOR
    English MAJOR
    English MAJOR

    Levy: Major.

    Ludwig: That’s not even a word!

    🤣ROFL I can't 😅

  22. I love bro vs bro stellar content and your and levi's back n forths sre always funny

  23. chat clowning him that he didnt know irelands flag but it was ivory coasts flag🤡🤡🤡

  24. As someone who used to run cross country (3km) in under 10 minutes. I can confirm 8 minutes in a mile isn't that good.

  25. I got 68 on the flags and I thought that was pretty bad lol

  26. One of the most entertaining streams Ive ever seen 😭

  27. AC/DC and High Voltage was a giveaway righ? I mean, it’s in the name..

  28. Watching Levy just crush Lud completely made my day!! Thanks Lud for being so bad at games!!

  29. Ah remember when Lud called Hong Kong a country?

  30. I was laughing my ass off during the flags game

  31. Its physically impossible to get a 200 on the SAT. Its padded so that you get 200 if you get everything wrong. I don't think anyone is bad enough, or unlucky enough to get that.

  32. Lud is not beating the American accusations with that flag performance.

  33. I ran track for two years, Ludwig's right, 5:55 is a good time, but not great.

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