Are Chess Players Dumb?

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  1. no offense but u guys are basically at a swearing contest

  2. Battle between levy and rainbolt will be legendary

  3. Rainbolt after looking at half of the image but its pixelated and flipped upside down and zoomed in on the dirt for 0.1 second: Thats India, nice.

  4. We need more content like this. The end was hallrious 😂

  5. Damn, it's such a coincidence, I was watching the God of Geoguesser, Rainbolt.

  6. Well… Learning chess teaches you being good at chess and develops strategical thinking. Geoguesser is about learning features of countries and combining this knowledge and memory to guess the most proximate location. Both are different at the core, but I guess I'm too dukb to take a joke

  7. he made the same video but he said you guys played connect 4 and you won

  8. And he's american too, a great skill show off

  9. I've seen the mental feats required of grand masters. If you're a GM, you are almost certainly genius level intellect. At Magnus's level probably in excess of 185 IQ – that's 5 SD above average.

    I'm fairly smart, and that's probably why I can recognise that Magnus is smarter. Lower IQ people tend to underestimate other people's intelligence and overestimate their own.

  10. Imo geo gusser tests your knowledge not intelligence

  11. Play with rainbow. 😂 Won't take long until he found your house.

  12. bro guessed my country..even i couldnt guess it :skull:

  13. ludwig is the kinda guy who closes the fridge door with his hips

  14. How the fuck does geoguesser determine someone’s intelligence better than chess 💀 💀 💀

  15. Ludwig is the kind of person that thinks that smart people only do what he does.

  16. Nah chess don't increase your geography skills dumbass

  17. I tage you in Twitter 😅 with in one video plz check it

  18. Does anyone can explain how he guess it? (I am curious because I am from India)😅

  19. "oh sh¡t im losing, gotta use my ult"

  20. My opinion: Chess players can be dumb as hell. Key word tho, CAN.

  21. Geo-guesser is just the definitive test of intelligence I guess lol

  22. Dayam the f bomb I never heard it before😂😂

  23. Levi really beating ludwig at everything he challenges him to

  24. Being good at chess =/= intelligence levy wants it to be true but it’s not

  25. Gotham the type of dude to only censor half the swears 💀

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