Are Chess Players actually smart?

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  1. Well comparing a TOP level chess player of course they’d be more intelligent you’d want to compare an average chess player and an average human to see the result in a more accurate manner

  2. Chess players being smart is not a stereotype. Chess players used to be smart before computers just took over chess completely. They actually used to think on their own but nowadays people just recognise patterns on chessboards. For instance, James Fischer aka Bobby Fischer was 181 iq. He made strategies to win rather than recognize patterns.

  3. I mean it's a turn based game where calculation skills matter a lot, so well I'd see why Levy said that it was simillar to chess

  4. both combinatorial games so ya kinda the same, but connect 4 is solved.

  5. It took you this long to figure that out?💀🤣

  6. Ludwig I saw the stream also did u cheat in geoguessr?

  7. He has a point. Whenever you threaten with three in a row, it's a check. When you threaten with three in a row twice, with the second above it, then that's a forced mate by checking. At the beginning, you can actually use connect-four openings – especially since most people start in the middle on the first move, same as most people starting with e4.

  8. didn't include the other 2 times he was absolutely obliterated

  9. Bro are you so stupid not to see that he put that there so his next 2 would win his game just like mate in 2 but it’s like you made it a mate in 1

  10. Dam I Guess my 87 win streak in connect 4 from elementary to high and now my inability to do anything smart really say a lot XD

  11. Connect 4 has actually been solved though

  12. Even the smartest chess player can win at a game that isn’t chess.

  13. I good at chess sure not grandmaster level but I'm still dumb as f I can win against most people but I and dum bad at math

  14. And he sacrificed THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN

  15. And he sacrificed THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN

  16. Ludwig: "Last chance to look at me Levy"
    Levy:*connects four*

  17. Let me say i play connect 4 competitively
    Except i only duel my grandma…

  18. It’s actually pretty similar, finding out what your opponent is gonna do and then playing the best move, but less calculating involved

  19. Lol Gotham said that because he had a discovered check that if blocked led to checkmate, but in connect 4😂😂😂😂

  20. To be the best chess player you need an extremely high IQ, and as such, you are very smart.

  21. John Pork {lgbt detected, opinion rejected} says:

    Bro blundered 💀

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