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  1. Magnus never fails to appear in Levi Roseman’s videos.

  2. Please fight Andrea, you would win either way. If you beat her, you win, if you don't you can claim you done the honourable thing and let her win because she's a girl. Just remember sticks and stones may break your bones, but there is always something you can say to offend a feminist.

  3. Bro I have some serious problem in chess whenever I calculate in the middle game it is always the wrong calculation and I end up doing blunders, mistakes and a lot more. Why? I need a detailed video on this. Please help me.

  4. Magnus' favorite format is "rapid and blitz, with lots and lots of games." (Let's call it RBLG).

    This should not be overlooked. He explicitly stated that he wanted the world championship to be more like RBLG. For whatever reason, when he's playing against other humans, he just greatly outperforms them in RBLG. His opponents make more mistakes, they make bigger mistakes, he recovers better, he "squeezes" wins from draws better, etc. Whatever makes Carlsen better than others is magnified and amplified in the RBLG format.

  5. I was traveling on a taxi whit my seat belt off, nothing happened

  6. I was So Pissed so I thought I should Throw my garbage Here and someone Elder then me should tell me a advice
    Btw 750 elo For now Highets 799 hope I would get a advice on How to keep my eyes open in middle game

  7. This small little drift off you had at around 10:00 ~ was really refreshing. Thanks for for the chuckle Levy.

  8. Harry Potter might be "The Boy who Lived" but his soul certainly died a long time ago 😿

  9. Why does he look like he's getting tormented by Voldemort again ?

  10. lol “bozo” 😂
    in Georgian it means “you bitch”

  11. I'm rated 1775.. and if i had to play for a win as white against someone rated 2075.. I would NOT play this sharp of a line!!

  12. I am tired of Gotham reminding me it's BOGO indian

  13. Colbert mugnis did it again, he provided for our levan hamgod

  14. Arjun forgot that both players get a Queen not just him 🤣

  15. The advantage of magnus being in his 30s, he didn't rely on phones to do the dirty work. Now a days everyone is a so called chess genius because you have a super cpu in your hand. old school does have advantages, you can't fake the grind!!

  16. These comments are full of critism yet I love these Magnus videos. The world's best needs a spotlight, thank you Levy

  17. He said magnus is dinosaur cuz he is over 30 😂

  18. 1:44 is it bad to like messi and mangnus…. Just try to get better yourself…. I am also becoming very dengerous in chess, I mean i didn't have any chess teacher but i am winning……………… Just don't want to say

  19. Ok, we are subjected to whatever Levy wants to talk about!!!! really,??? I clicked on this video because I want to get better! Nah just kidding, you be you Levy, you are doing great!

  20. [Event "AI Factory's Chess"]

    [Site "Android Device"]

    [Date "2024.05.16"]

    [Round "1"]

    [White "You"]

    [Black "Cpu (12)"]

    [PlyCount "67"]

    [Result "1-0"]

    1. d3 c5 2. Nd2 e6 3. e4 d5 4. e5 Nc6 5. Ng1f3 Qc7

    6. c3 Nxe5 7. g3 Bd7 8. Qc2 Be7 9. Bg2 h5 10. h4 Nf6

    11. O-O Ng6 12. Re1 Rc8 13. Nf1 c4 14. d4 Ne4 15. Nf3h2 Nf6

    16. f4 O-O 17. Re5 Nxe5 18. fxe5 Nh7 19. Nf3 a6 20. Bg5 Nxg5

    21. hxg5 Bb5 22. Ne3 Bc6 23. Kf2 g6 24. Rh1 Qa5 25. g4 hxg4

    26. Nxg4 Qxa2 27. Nf6+ Bxf6 28. gxf6 Ba4 29. Qd2 Qxb2 30. Qxb2 Ra8

    31. Qd2 a5 32. Qh6 b5 33. Qh8+ 1-0

  21. Hey, thanks for explaining it so simply. I started learning how to trade during pandemic, but the guy was telling me to trade options and with daily, weekly or monthly charts

  22. We need to reanimate Morphy, and give him time to explore all the chess meta. To conquer magnus.

  23. I wish your video title wasn't trash. I usually don't click on these because I never have any clue what event it was or what you actually are going to talk about. It's super annoying if you ever like a video.

  24. Just half a point difference between first and second place. It wasnt some 10 or 10 points event. Wei Yi was second, Magnus was first. But some appreciation should be shown for Wei Yi.

  25. It speaks to how entertaining the commentary is, because I’ve been watching for years now and I still barely understand what’s being discussed….but i’m hyped nonetheless.

  26. 29:00 — Classic Levy moment that will never die "he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOK!"

  27. Magnus really said "fuck it, Levy needs a home"

  28. Nodirbek is Uzbek, not Indian.Just FYI

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