Anish Giri’s hilarious commentary vs Pragg | Table Tennis | WR Chess Masters 2023

Anish Giri was facing Praggnanandhaa at the WR Chess Masters 2022 Table Tennis tournament on the rest day. All of a sudden the Dutch no.1 starts to commentate! It was extremely hilarious and fun to follow it! Did Anish manage to beat Pragg? Check it out in the video.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Those arbiters in the background for TT games is hilarious !! 😀

  2. Imfrom this alternative universe where these two play chess

  3. On top of those innocent youngsters, there are a very intelligent brains.

  4. why are they playing on table designed for Hikaru sized people

  5. Who is playing with Nodirbek at the back

  6. HUH?!! prag has taller hands and smaller height in the thumbnail

  7. Okay so I guess I can assume that these people don't regularly play TT and yet their services are… That was amazing tbh

  8. Anish is the man of all seasons!🏅🏅🏆🎾👏👏🧠☁️⛈️🌧️🌥️

  9. Meanwhile the captions at last: The Govt is just too strong 🤣

  10. chessbase india wonderful enlightening content..on it again!!!

  11. Why are they playing on mini size tables though

  12. after seeing chess boards non-stop the TT table appears small to me LOL

  13. Isn't the TT table looking little small? Or is it just on camera

  14. Shaking hands after the match🤩

  15. Can't believe that praggu blundered irl

  16. Don’t worry prag.
    Whenever Anish make a point, he will concede the next one to ensure it’s gonna end in a draw!

  17. Sagar went to Germany ? Wow, good revenue from Chess Base India 😛

  18. General danger with the forehand in tabletennis is you want to much..

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