Anish Giri offers a draw to Pragg with only 1 minute on the clock | WR Chess Masters 2023

One of the important rules at WR Chess Masters 2023 is that there is no increment on the clock until move 60. And so players are in this scenario that if they are not careful, they can lose on time. Something quite exciting happened in the game between Anish Giri and Praggnanandhaa. Anish was low on time, Pragg also had very few seconds, there was a draw offer and much more. Check out the game along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 3:51…did pragg just made a illegal move there putting his pawn from h4 to g3????😨

  2. Ànish moving with another hand that's illegal right?

  3. What the heck was that woman covering the camera. I missed a big chunk of dirty finger-pointing analysis.

  4. Boring VIP chess. These events are not helpful at all.

  5. Anish superb defense…tactics…..

  6. They gotta give better chairs, creak sound kind of annoying 🤨🤨

  7. @5:05 instead of Qa2 if pragg played Qb2 it should be winning, because Qc2 followup is not possible as the Knight forks

  8. I like this playing without increment rule. It is classical chess and it always was about getting as good position on board as possible and time management. Player has to find right balance between them. 30 sec increment kills time managemant part. Obviously adjourments are not possible today because of engines .

  9. Very good commentary but what are you doing with those firecrackers over there? 😅

  10. Super save by drawnish giri! Love this guy ❤️

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