Andrew Tate’s Dad Was A Legendary Chess Tactician

Hikaru analyzes some of his games against Andrew Tate’s dad, the legendary chess tactician Emory Tate


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  1. 13:07 I think Hikaru heard him wrong. He for sure said pimp out your cock 💀

  2. I haven't played Emory, but I did play chess with Andrew. He started by doing the Richard Richard move from the Bottom series. After that move I checkmated him in one move and Andrew punched me in the face. We called it a draw afterwards.

  3. "My unmatched perspicacity coupled with sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavour"
    -Emory Tate.

  4. i played Emory once. He came to my house and i could feel the breathing of the air, i could basically taste the sparkling water. He then proceeded to check mate me and instead of finishing the game he punched me in the teeth and knocked me out. RIP What a legend

  5. Seems like the entire comment section played Emory lol

  6. I played Emory once. He stole my girlfriend, killed my brother and started T posing, then he challenged me in a Fortnite battle royale match, I lost 69 times. He was one of the Toppest G that existed on this universe, rest in chess pieces

  7. I played Emory once during the Spanish-American war. He made me think we were going to draw, then he magically jumped all my pieces and left me with an empty board all in one move. He said “this is chess, not checkers”

  8. I played Emory once. Play Emory, I did. I hath engaged Emory in a game of chess. A game I did engage Emory. Emory, Emory, Emory. E-mory. Ertuous Mortuous. Latin for The Death Bringer. Emory doth bring death. Emory doth murder sleep. Sleep, Emory. Sleep and never wake.

  9. Great to see how powerful Hikaru's bbc was in the 5th game.

  10. is it just me or finding people joking around a passed one is not funny? :v

  11. My grandpa played against Emory, his kneecaps broke after he got forked for 3 consecutive moves and resigned after.

    3 days later gramps died of dehydration because he wouldn't drink anything and kept demanding for sparkling water.

  12. I once played Emory in the land of Sugma, he played white so he opened with the Joe opening and I defended with the DN defense.

  13. I played Legendary Emory Tate once. He was on Meepo and I was on Sven, but he used his brilliance to Hax me, turn into a chicken, and then attacked me. I couldn't do anything at that time because he was attacking Sven with Meepo, which isn't possible in our Low IQ Realm.

  14. I played Emory once. That was the last time he played

  15. I played Emory once. We played 20 moves of jaenisch gambit prep, at which point his king walked up to mine and stabbed him in the chest and that was the last time i saw my brother

  16. No actually Emory was a bad player. And a bad father as well. Andrew want to put some mistics around him and everyone follow but the ruth is that he wasn't even close to be the best player.

  17. His dad wasn’t even a GM like he loves to lie about

  18. When I played Emory Tate he threw the chess board against the wall and told me to do pushups after killing my fish. He had a great kingside attack before he checkmated me and proceeded to chlorofome me and throw me into a trash bin. One of the best players I have ever made.

  19. It's amazing how he can remember every move that was played

  20. I played Emory once, we met when God was creating the world. The resulting game led to the growth of the forbidden fruit and the invention of pain. I woke up 10 years later, to realize he check mated my king with only his king.

  21. now hikaru needs to have a child, raise him as a kickboxing champion and have him battle tate…and win

  22. I played Emory once, we are now married and have 2 beautiful children

  23. I have never played emory . But I have sparkling water running through my veins . What colour Is your Bugatti …

  24. andrew tate vs hikaru chess match? …internet needs this

  25. I played Emory once. I was doing pretty well, but his perspicacity coupled with sheer indefatigability gave him a better position. He ended up winning because he was drinking sparkling water…

  26. Emory Tate makes Chuck Norris sleep with a nightlight.

  27. I played Emory Tate once in 200 AD.
    One move was all it took after I moved my pawn to D4, and boom — I became a G.
    Then he checkmated me.

  28. i gave emori a kiss on the cheek once. He showed up outside my house after attending a chest tournament in 1987. He then said “L+ Ratio” and i declined the negativity and gave him a big smooch on the cheek.

  29. Bro what’s up with these lame comments, you’re all not following the next guy 😂

  30. I legit used to play with Emory on Yahoo Chess 20+ years ago. His username was “Negromanchita,” which he named after his IM pal “Batmanchita,” who was from South America. I changed my name to “Pupilmanchita,’’ and we’d stay up until like 7AM playing blitz. I know it’s become a meme lol but this is legit true. Sadly, he seemed to drink a lot, not sure if it contributed to his untimely death, which I am just learning about now 😢.

  31. Jugue con emory una vez. Me elimino en 3 jugadas mientras accidentalmente le enseñe a hablar español fluido en 2 minutos. Todo esto paso mientras él dormía.

  32. there's a recording of one of these games so ppl who cant accept it ig there's proof lol

  33. I'm not gonna watch this cuz it's too long but what was the score?

  34. I played Emory once. He forced my village to form a human chess board and proceeded to sac all of his pieces. He send my mother, the queen, down into a strong king side attack, sadly she was brutally murdered by the opposing knight (she got lanced and trampled).

  35. I played Emory in Fortnite once. He dropped in Titled Towers and annihilated the entire lobby

  36. Am I the only one who thinks emory looks like gus fring in this thumbnail?

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