Andrew Tate has massive respect for chess players

Internet sensation and son of an international master, Andrew Tate, expresses his admiration of professional chess players in this short,

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  1. I mean magnus the number 1 chess player is an autistic dude

  2. Doesnt he know chess is haram in islam

  3. the thing that made me realise this was seeing guys like Eric Rosen and Naroditsky, elite IQ guys who have spent their whole lives obsessed with chess. And still there is another chasm above them to the like of Magnus Carlsen, Nakamura, Nepomniatchi, Ding, Alireza. Thats what makes it unfathomable, people who are freakishly good and a few people who exist that are still miles better than them.edit: obviously Naroditsky is very high level, much better than Eric Rosen, but hes still a notch below the top

  4. It's just pattern recognition really. After a while you can make a lot of the moves automatically because you know what the best move in. GMs can literally rote 20 moves before they actually have to start actually thinking.

  5. Andrew tate chess board game orginate from india

  6. Chess is something every boy should learn to be competent at before the age of ten. It is a man’s game that requires strategic thinking and planning ahead. Chess is a metaphor for life.

  7. He’s definitely right, The mental focus you need is absolutely bonkers. The conditioning etcThey are like computers. However I miss the days when there were no computers and it was just one man versus another man. Or woman. I really echo all of Bobby’s sentiments regarding chessThat being said I do agree with Tate. It is way more physically and mentally grueling than ever beforeWith prearrangement comes The need to remember all of the prearranged linesBobby Fischer explained the physical aspectyou ever take the final exam or SAT?Anywhere from 3 to 5 hours of sitting there by the end of it you are physically and mentally drained. Imagine doing that every day of your life

  8. As an obsessed chess player, I think Tate is spot on. The sheer knowledge at the top level is unfathomable. They truly are effectively engines. And yes, I think their brains are wired completely different than you and me…it’s just unfathomable

  9. Bro can u people chill Andrew is 1800 online that is like 1400 IRL i peaked around 2200 online my real fide rating was around 2k its a lot easier to reach higher elo online

  10. I feel like I have to talk: Chinese chess > International chess

  11. "they got to be on the spectrum somewhere"

    "Yeah I play it every day"

  12. Tate and me need to play cause he has the exact same rating as me and same peak, his peak is 1800, so is mine, I took a break for a year, my rating is now 1675, and Andrew tate is about the same 1600-1700

  13. lol why nobody talks about Magnus Calrsen vs Andrew tate .d

  14. I played 20 games lost them all then payed a guy to let me win Big W

  15. For the information, his dad was a grandmaster at the chess

  16. What Andrew did to alot of young men is unforgettable, society failed them someone had to step in , the fact that he is risking his life to speak his mind shows that he isn't all just about money he actually cares . That's what alot people fail to see they don't even know why they hate him .#freetopg

  17. As a 9 year old I think I was world level class as a Adult I am now 9 yo class 😂 I still don't lose but often have to teach the person how to play 1st

  18. He's got plenty of time to practice right about now

  19. Because of Andrew tate I started chess few weeks ago and now my elo is 1380I found funny and educative YouTube channel called gothamchess

  20. Not really unless its 960 the classical chess is easy if you study by books

  21. Tate doesn't know chess well enough to make these judgments. He is a totally rubbish player.

  22. the people who "poop on the streets" invented chess right

  23. Obviously, Chess is harder than most online games.

  24. Mangus watching this like dam something is wrong with me

  25. Is something wrong with us that we love chess

  26. This is a very accurate caricature of an elite chess player

  27. We need Tate vs Stockfish,
    Whoops I meant Hans

  28. Andrew Tate vs Shikamaru Nara chess PPV

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