Andrew Tate has massive respect for chess players

Internet sensation and son of an international master, Andrew Tate, expresses his admiration of professional chess players in this short,

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  1. there is something else that most people fail yo realize, chess requires an exelente shape to perform at high level. It burns 10,000 calories pero classic game.

  2. I’m shit at chess because a cat with 1 elo has beat me with ease

  3. “You have to be on the spectrum to be that good at Chess”? Didnt you say depression was fake😮🤦‍♂️

  4. I don't accept compliments from that kind of idiots

  5. Well ,
    Who will tell him that the game was invented in the country where he thing there was no civilization

  6. Tate Vs Gothamchess please.
    Tate would get smoked but still

  7. I started playing chess because of andrew, and now my elo is around 1000

  8. Ah I wonder why he has respect for chess players -_- People will bandwagon him so much that after watching this they'll think chess players are more important to society than doctors 😂

  9. Nakamura: “If takes, takes, then takes takes the take then bishop takes knight g4 into check, then take takes takes…………. I’m jus gonna castle”

  10. "you gotta be on the spectrum somewhere" man straight dissing all the existing grandmasters

  11. I don't play at a world level, but I do play and learn and he is RIGHT

  12. I disagree with most of Tate opinions but as a chess nerd I respect him for respecting chess.

  13. Hey chess lovers, drop down your ratings in the replies, let's see whoz the best out here👇

  14. I've been playing chess since 1969 I was 8 yrs old.

  15. Did he just admit to being on the spectrum?

  16. Chess is more of a memory game who remembers more patterns

  17. Logan and Andrew should do chess boxing

  18. I would want to destroy tate at chess lol

  19. LOL Andrew need look no further than his own father!

  20. Chess must be really tough

    This man became a 4 times world champion kick-boxer but couldn’t win 1 chess world title

  21. as an avid chess player, now that i have learned of andrew’s respect for chess, i will never play again

  22. The only good opinion this man has ever said

  23. I know most of his opinions are completely bad but sometimes his opinions are absolutely true

  24. As a chess player, I respect Andrew Tate now and would hopefully in the near future like to play a match with him, and I have respect that he himself plays the game, as it does require a lot of thinking and strategy


  25. Andrew Tate seems like 900 in blitz the way he is talking always trying to pull scholars mate as white

  26. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Andrew Tate's opinion on 9LX?

  27. Omg even on chess i have too see the face of this worthless piece of shit , and no you don't gotta be a genius to be a grandmaster in chess all you need is practise and you can become even world champion fking dickh**

  28. He only likes it because chess is inherently racist and misogynistic. He's a demon.

  29. I got the respect when i realized that computers cannot be better than the best players

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