Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. Sometimes you need to sac the queen too win πŸ˜‚

  2. Nah no one cares about this game or another game there chicken

  3. And then, when idiots like him come together, you have the whole board filled with just 16 copies of the weakest piece in the game, cuz every one of these idiots thinks he's the king. I'd rather be the pawn. You start of weak, but you have the potential to evolve into any of the stronger pieces if you push hard enough. While the king has no potential at all and needs constant protection. So yeah, anyone who claims to be the king is kinda shooting himself in the foot πŸ˜…

  4. What the lizard looking girl doing in the back there

  5. People who think this guy is smart are dumb

  6. Of all the possible life lessons he comes away with β€œif your woman is Sh you’ll have a Sh life. So make sure your woman obeys you!” πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  7. β€œOh no my queen, that’s 29 more queens to go”

  8. Conclusion: "he doesn't know shit"πŸ˜‚

  9. Listen to the comments kids, not the person yapping 😭

  10. So… he really know nothing about chess… not unexpected. If someone makes money, being famous for being rich then he might not have anything else to show underneath

  11. What a narcissistic view of life…he's basically saying everyone's value is measured by how useful they are to him.

  12. You'll be playing plenty of chess in a Romanian prison. I'm sure your queen will still "obey you" while your there.

  13. Nxb5, cxb5; Bxb5+, Nbd7; 0-0-0!, Rd8; Rxd7, Rxd7; Rd1, Qe6; Bxd7+, Nxd7; Qb8+, Nxb8; Rd8#

    Classic line from the classic Opera Game :)))

  14. pawns are the most loyal- there is more wisdom in that

  15. but why would a good woman choose a man who human trafficks other women πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. For anyone who's smart enough to know that Andrew Taint is an unga-bunga-brained moron, here are some actual life lesson chess can teach you:

    Sometimes the best way to succeed is not to strive for a specific outcome, but to simply make small improvements that are conducive to success.

    Absolute responsibility – there's no element of chance in chess. Whether you win or lose is decided by you alone.

    Failure is good. You learn a lot more from a game you lose than one you win. Also helps with humility (unless you're Andrew Taint).

  17. What he says is correct but not right

  18. I feel puzzled why people always see chess as similar to real life while missing very important real life factors..

  19. He was close. In chess you are all the pieces at one time. You need to learn how to morph and change to fit the situations πŸ˜‰ you can also use you know other pieces on the board as representations of people around you and situations

  20. I like how there is like a woman in the backview πŸ˜‚

  21. And then the worker pawn becomes your 2nd queen

  22. Life is not chess. This man is an idiot. Listen to him if you want to have a sad life. The only reason it "works" for him, is because he got loaded by extorting people

  23. Explain about queen trades and promotion

  24. The pawn working for you then works you. He become fuc**ng transgender

  25. Remember king is technically weaker than pawns at a bunch of points in the game. Don’t care if they are important you want to push them to the side (castling). it’s just a bad metaphor.

  26. Quick question – is facing rape and trafficking charges considered a "shit life"?

  27. 2 things: 1. this is a paul morphy game, nice. 2. tate is absolutely babbling this is so stupid.

  28. I had to sacrifice the Queen in mid game 😒

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