Andrew Tate DESTROYS Piers Morgan At Chess In Under 5 Minutes

Piers Morgan is joined by one of the most googled people on the planet Andrew Tate and challenges him to a game of speed chess.

Andrew’s father was an American chess international master and Piers was his school’s chess captain. Andrew Tate however wipes the floor with Piers in this match with seconds to spare, all while delivering some of his life philosophies. Watch to see how Piers took his defeat…

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  1. why not take the queen at 1:32? And why did tate have 2 turns in a row

  2. Andrew helped piers Morgan YouTube subs !! He was at around 200k I believe when he did the first interview with Andrew and now he’s close to a mill ever since lmaoooo wowwww cx
    That’s probably why he keeps bringing Andrew back !!!! #thatsthatandreweffect.

  3. This was the link up I didn't think we needed😂

  4. I want to see a tournament chess set with a clock! Get that walmart shit out of here.

  5. Once Piers Morgan lost his Queen he was going for a draw! terrible !

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