Andrea Botez vs WGM Dina Belenkaya – Mogul Chessboxing

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  1. Love both these ladies. Characters on their own.

  2. Referee is either corrupt or stupid. No other justification possible.

  3. Damn I didn’t know Gotham was that good of a commentator

  4. Idk if im just dumb or not but why were the refs saying theres no way for white to get out of this position? Time aside, its whites turn, doesnt moving the queen to e1 stop the mate?

  5. Andrea had a 60 lbs weight advantage…lmao.

  6. I just barely discovered this. This is so weird and mesmerizing. Such an interesting idea. Winning by brain or braun is so much fun

  7. What a match awesome stuff. But alexandria got robbed

  8. Why did I think it was Critical carrying Andrea out at first

  9. Not tryna talk shit about Dina but her mission to show that she can also Box failed. She never tried to take advantage of the missed hits or knew when she should punch and when to take a step back

  10. That was very impressive, I think she surprised a lot of people. Good thing Gotham didn't accept her challenge lol.

  11. The ref should be banned and get a 7-year carma for this

  12. When is Hikaru and Magnus chess boxing game?

  13. For those saying the ref was bad, remember this would have been very tough to ref. A TKO call would be just as controversial with Dina having checkmate. Amazing match tho

  14. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

  15. That was 3 standing count the last one was with 1 second left in the 3rd robbery lol

  16. Honestly Dissapointed in the way dina played smart but at the end it kinda bothered me that she didnt really box

  17. bro dina got a count down 4 times thats bull 3 is out this was rigged

  18. She just stood there…. how can she say she can box? She's completely helpless

  19. Wait, the ref started a standing 8 count with a few seconds left. Because of the "3 knockdown rule" Andrea should have won by TKO

  20. The ref messed up the fight he should have allowed andrea to beat up dina

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