Amateur chess players take on Ukranian Grandmaster in Kiev

Amateur chess players in Kiev put their thinking caps on to play against Ukranian Grandmaster Zahar Efimenko.Two teams of 20 amateurs put on their skills to the test against Zahar and former-Junior World chess champion Yulia Osmak.

“Chess is a wonderful sport that can help develop people’s intelligence, cultivate the combatant spirit and confidence. It is helpful. So if the children love this activity, they will benefit a lot in their future development, even in other fields,” Efimenko said at the event. Report by Laurie Blake.

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  1. A sport is any public ocasion involving 2 teams or players competing

  2. That is like using a Nerf gun against a great white shark

  3. Chess is a Game not a Sports Game or a Sport…

  4. video games are in fact, considered a true sport as chess is. Ever heard of the term e-sport? And you may hear it from this clip, chess (as well as e-sport) is a mental-sport, meaning there is no need for physical activity but still requires reflect training. I'm pretty sure there are gamers earn more than your whole pathetic life earning by the time you done typing that RFLMAO, you ignorant hobo. Oh, but you are a hobo anyway.

  5. Sports are not only athletic things anymore; there are now mind-sports which involve games of mental strength (such as chess and some videogames).

  6. this isn't a sport. they just call things like video games and chess sports so fat kids don't feel like such loosers. a real sport requires you to actually move off your chair.

  7. Chess is a mental sport. It requires training every day, studying and participation to tournaments. Apart from this, all great Grand Masters do also physical exercises (like running, plaing football etc.) in order to increase their mental stamina during a hard tournaments.
    Anyone who mentions that chess is just a game for fat people, obviously does not have any idea for serious competitive chess.

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