Altibox Norway Chess: Can Magnus Carlsen & Players Farm?

The participants of the Altibox Norway Chess tournament turned into farmers today. Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura and others visited the Felleskjøpet Agri‏ farms and competed in farming activities.

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  1. Magnus while milking: "i can do this all day"He can milk the position on and off the board 😂.

  2. war klar, dass Magnus nicht gerne den "Bauer" spielte…

  3. im sorry but if you made me spend my rest day dressed up as a farmer in the cold i would be really angry

  4. This is AMAZING! please please p l e a s e post a longer version!

  5. Absolutely fabulous video. How I wish I could have been there.

  6. Que bueno ver otras facetas y aventuras de la élite ajedrecista.

  7. Now this is a real field trip. I remember going to the zoo when we were kids but that is nothing compared to this :lol

  8. I expected cringe before the video started and I wasn't disappointed XD

  9. Interesting, funny and new experience to all of them and we too.

  10. They arrived to play chess, why are they forced to attend the farm show? It is a pity the chess organization is degrading.

  11. One billionaire to another : how should we humiliate the world's best chess players and show the public that even the world's brightest, most creative, and stubborn individuals (the chess top 10) are powerless conformist betas when they are put in their place?….

  12. I'd like to see that Muslim go to ISIS-controlled Syria and repeat what he said here. Kiss your head goodbye

  13. Lmaooo waiting after Hikaru's latest vid. Such wholesome content😂🙌🏼

  14. Why is Anish not in the cooking segment?

  15. Come on. Post more of these or Post a longer version

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