ALL Chess Tactics Explained |Chess Strategy, Moves, Ideas & Basics for Beginners| How to Play Chess

As you know, chess is 10% strategy & 90% tactics. In this video, Jeetendra Advani covers 24 major tactics that every chess player must know. He will show you examples of all the important moves and ideas that chess beginners must know. He will also share some checkmate patterns and tactics alongwith some sacrifice tactics. If you are new to chess, then you should first check out his ‘How to Play Chess’ video here:
This video covers all the rules of chess.
Chess Tactics Video Timestamps:
0:04 Chess Strategy vs Tactics
0:32 Fork
1:16 Pins
1:39 Absolute pins
1:52 Relative pins
2:14 Skewer
2:47 Discovered Attack
3:13 Discovered check
3:31 Discovered double check
4:00 Windmill
4:30 Interference
4:58 Overloading
5:35 Deflecting
6:08 Decoy
7:13 X-Ray Attack
8:07 Zugzwang
8:39 Zwischenzug or Desperado
9:13 Undermining
9:38 Forcing a Stalemate
10:14 Perpetual Checks
10:56 Underpromoting
11:36 Queen Sacrifice
12:04 Exchange Sacrifice
12:25 Clearance Sacrifice
13:06 Exposing Hanging Pieces
13:33 Trapping a Piece
14:05 Support Mate
14:23 Smothered Mate
15:02 Back-rank Mate
15:26 Chess Puzzle

At the end of this video is an interesting chess puzzle to test your understanding of these tactics. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  2. Where is the tactic of Battery !?
    But,thanks for explaining every other tactic clearly🙌

  3. A chess tactics video can never be this amazing!! This guy has done damn brilliant job. Thanks mate!!❤

  4. Thank you so much Sir for the guidance provided by you. It definitely improved my potential of playing chess. Keep it up.

  5. Qxf6,
    Undermining_removing the defender

  6. 14:35 smothered mate was possible in 2 moves: Qg8+ Rxg8 Nf7#

  7. the best move for white is qxf6 gxf6 ne7 kf8,kh8 or kh7 nxd5

  8. Puzzle:
    First take his bishop by queen than he will take our queen by pawn then horse will give check to king and attack queen as well

  9. Last one's best move may be knight h6

  10. Knight taking pawn then bishop will recapture it then queen at last giving checkmate and threatening queen after knig will move the queen is gone of black

  11. Best move for white is to take the bishop first with its queen then fork king and queen with knight

  12. Moving queen to a8 will be an unexpected checkmate

  13. 1. Qxf6 gxf6 2. Ne7+ K__ 3. Nxd5 . The tactic used here is sacrificial exchange

  14. For the puzzle, the bishop on f6 is protecting the forking square of the knight, hence Qxf6 (Undermining, or removing the defender) then gxf6, and finally Ne7+ forking king and queen. Kf8 or Kh8, Nxd5 and we are up a knight.

  15. Queen to f6 is best move bcz the pawn will be forced to capture the queen and after that knight to e7 will simultaneously attack King and queen and the sweety is gone and white is 1 piece up.
    If black pawn not captures the queen than the queen will capture Black's pawn and it will be a check mate.

  16. Queen takes bishop and knight forks

  17. 15:33 queen takes bishop then pawn recaptures and knight to e7 is a fork

  18. This helped me win 10 games! Thank you

  19. In perpertual checks knight to g6 check, kings only legal move, knight takes bishop check and after yhe king moves we get yhe queen and a great material advantage( the pawn can't take the room since it is pinned to the king) which results in a great turn of events for the white pieces.

  20. 1)Qxf6,gxf6
    2)Ne7+(Forking the queen and the king)

  21. If my crush ever comes back from vacation i'll try to beat her using these tactics

  22. QxBf6 queen sac
    Ne7 forking the queen and king and we up a knight after we take queen

  23. U need thousand pat from my side… excellent…

  24. Interesting that the puzzle at the end was something new to me, although i'm not a beginner.

  25. Qf6 check pawn takes queen on f6 then knight to e7 doing a double attack on the queen and king.

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