Alireza Firouzja raging over chess for 2 minutes straight


  1. the game is over!
    Dumbledore said calmly

  2. ppl be like

    Magnus Raging: lol magnus is mad
    Alireza Raging: Such a loser he's a kid

  3. Rage?! In Iran we would say that he is very happy

  4. He really got mad at the drink LMAO

  5. Raging shows passion, and hes polite it is the org that always fucks with him

  6. Lord help us all when Magnus and Hikaru retire and this weird little puke takes over as the face of chess. Zero charisma, zero likability. I get major incel vibes from him.

  7. slamming our fists on tables is what we ethnics do – it is attractive to females

  8. If you think this is raging, truly you haven't met Eric Hansen

  9. if you're running out of time, you're not playing better than Hikaru. The point is that there's less depth to blitz games, so if you take 2 minutes for one move in a 3 | 0 game your moves will be great but you will always lose.

  10. The arbiters weren't trying to move the game in the beginning of the video, Alireza was annoyed by spectators (as told by Anish Giri). The arbiters only started trying to move the game after the time break.

  11. What shame! I boycotted Dutch Tata tournament forever.🤮🤮🤮

  12. 1:40 is Qf2 possible? Qxf2 Kg4, sac both knights to get their queen then it's a Rook v Rook/Bishop endgame?

  13. If this is rage, this guy needs training from Eric Hansen

  14. Drank his own pee, that bottle was sitting around for a while, see the sediment on the bottom?

  15. God I hate his atitude.. Hope he will sink in chess black hole as many players before him..

  16. Alireza is in fact a very sweet boy.

  17. i remeber when I first heard of Alireza when he got mad in the viral video against Magnus, and I thought he was such an arrogant little kid. Now I fucking love lmao. Absolute legend

  18. Alireza accidently takes a swig of his piss bottle.

  19. 1:31 The Queen isn't lost. Alireza could've played Nf3+ and after gxf3 the Queen can now go to e7

  20. I love Coach Mohammadreza. The accent, the antics, the bam and the fact that he's called Mohammadreza (Iranians will get that last one)

  21. He should take raging lessons from Alexandra Botez

  22. I have to check the batteries on my rage detector.

  23. the water bottle clip will always be hilarious 😀

  24. If this is considered rage than i make kratos and doomguy look like eric rosen

  25. 0:37 lol wtf was that drink so bad? Was it pee or what? 😂😂😂

  26. and then magnus shouted something in his native norwegian language and i lost my focus

  27. he maybe sometimes demanding like Bobby but he plays absolutely stunning at his age…

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