A weird way to make money playing chess

In this video, I’m proposed with an interesting challenge…
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  1. Gotta love getting some dinner and watching a new Eric Rosen video

  2. Never been close to $37 dollars? Eric, are you ok? Should we start a GoFundMe?

  3. It almost looks as if you're playing with your food! xD

  4. This guy just did almost 30 moves in less than 2 seconds

  5. he deserved that money, nice as always eric

  6. By weird way of making money with chess, you mean talking to yourself in a room with a camera staring at you while playing chess, right?

  7. Did anyone else notice that the man donating him chose 37 or 84 because he was born in 1984 and he just turned 37

  8. Literally thought he was gonna donate 1000 $ because of the bits

  9. It would be fun than Eric win in 84min after the challenge was set.

  10. I hope he also show us his long time format trainings, i believe hes also preparing to be a gm but just want to surprise us all..

  11. Grandmasters hate him! Learn this one weird way discovered by a streamer to make money playing chess from your home!

  12. Eric my guy love the content 83-84 moves in 30 sec wow I
    Can't do that yet I mean talking about dedication to yourself VS a challenge my level of respect to your way is over +9000 you are a nice guy Eric. Have a great day to everyone 😀

  13. What you need for this is one of those people who don't resign when it's their lone king vs 29 pawns in the endgame and that you can troll for eternity! We call those, the "84 dollars people"!

  14. Haven't watched the video, but I can tell he's born in 1984 and is turning 37.

  15. he was born in '84 and just turned 37.

  16. Wheres my fellow future chess millionaires at? 😏🔥

  17. That was god tier premoving in the last game, holy shit

  18. From the thumbnail I thought it was Chess Simp.

  19. I used to play Chess all night. No sleep! But ever since Obama told me to try Raid Shadow Legends for free, I am addicted. This game is a game. It has graphics. It has characters. Best of all it has a loot box mechanic to enhance my experience even more by adding another exciting chance based layer to the game! Two week ago I spend all my money becoming a Raid Shadow Legend. Now I live in a dumpster outside a McDonald’s with free WiFi. At night I sneak into the McDonald’s like my new raccoon dad, Stripey, taught me to do so I can charge my phone. Through the cracked screen I am still perpetually amazed by the graphics of this game… they look so real! Thank you Obama, you truly changed my life!

  20. Shoutout to nerdofmanythings for great idea and being wordy

  21. Crypto currencies are underrated so much. I make from 3000dollars to 7000dollars weekly trading and investing in crypto the legit, proven way.

  22. Ah a day in the life of a chessbrah sub I see

  23. What is the site you play called? I wanna play there too

  24. Geez the clickbait got me clicking 🙂

  25. is it for fun or real???????? it's real crypto?

  26. Didn’t u also miss a mate in 2 at move 21? 21.Kh1 Qh3+ 22. Kg1 Nf3# 3:49 time stamp

  27. I didn’t think that person would still pay up. Big respect

  28. You know this guy's a boss when he decides by himself about how long the match would last . absolute madlad

  29. me: watching the time impressed he is going to play 11 moves in 4 seconds for mate in 37
    Eric: "proceeds to win in 84 moves*

  30. Until 7:50 i was wondering how i got from 747 to 801 marathon points so fast 😀

  31. What, have you not heard of the 84-move gravy train? This is how a lot of chess players pay the bills.

  32. imagine being too good at chess where youre tasked to win in exactly 37 moves but cant because you beat your opponent too hard lmfao

  33. it's great that the guy was still there after one hour and gave the 84 🙂

  34. It's awesome players like Eric can make a career streaming their chess abilities. Since the chess world is so hard to make a living off of without it.

  35. its common knowledge that your first move is to open your king so that the queen and the bishop can move

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