A joke that only chess players can understand! Arjun Erigaisi vs Rudik Makarian | Qatar Masters 2023

Rudik Makarian is an IM, but with a rating of 2548, he might be the strongest IM in the world! He beat Anish Giri in the 5th round of the Qatar Masters 2023. In round 6 Rudik was up against Arjun Erigaisi. What a game this was – right from 10…Ng8??!! played in the opening by Rudik to Arjun sacrificing a piece to the pawn avalanche and the final underpromotion to knight, it’s a game filled with extreme excitement. IM Sagar Shah takes you through the intricacies.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Real class by Arjun here. He decides to take the knight even though he could've just pushed his pawn anyways but he decides to play along with the joke (if black had promoted to a queen instead).

  2. 😂 Rudik be like ; this mf is not letting me play yaaarr . 2:24

  3. The attitude shown by Rudik is very bad. He is pressing the clock with attitude and moving the piece with attitude. I don't know why chess players show attitude. I just hate attitude!

  4. Yes, he might not have won the event, but games like this has put his abilities in a pedestal. Erigassi.. the possibilities man

  5. Nice pawn chain by Gukesh. Nxc6 was such a class move

  6. Loved the part when they analysed the board very intresting and informative knowledge was passed

  7. connected passers are mighty force. In final position white has even 4 connected passers, 2 of them on 6th rank, no way to stop them . That extra black rook and blocked bishop are useless now
    I played final position against SF11 and got 2 queens + knight endgame vs king and couple of black pawns, had to be careful not to put black king into stalemate.

    I know professional players will almost never play positions like that thru, but it would be fun to watch how would Erigaisi convert it until checkmate. I certainly had good times to laugh over stockfish, that evil almighty machine who caused me so much disappointments and desperation when we started from initial position. But now I had these Erigaisi passers !

  8. The strongest IM in the world is Levy Rozman or maybe Sagar Shah 😅

  9. I'm berly learning the rules and stuff to this game.But my question is why does everyone opens up the same?

  10. Can someone please tell me why everyone opens up the same??

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