A Chess Player Prodigy

A Chess Player Prodigy. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Even a chess playing prodigy?? Well get ready to sweep up the floors cause your jaw is going to DROP!

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Cast: Mallory Everton, Adam Berg, Matt Meese and Jeremy Warner
Director: Jared Shores
Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne
Writer: Adam Berg
Editor: Yurii Hydrick

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A Chess Player Prodigy – Studio C


  1. I love how their moves are not good at all… 🤣

  2. This sketch has taught me so much about my name

  3. Okay but a six year old is in third grade??? Doesn’t each school year take like 10 months? So did she start 1st grade when she was 3 years old?

  4. As a lifelong chess player, this was not what I was expecting. But it was funny.

  5. “PrInCeSs SmAsH!!!” Lol I laughed so hard

  6. Angela must be pretty smart if she’s a 6-year-old in 3rd grade

  7. I like how the guy is moving the chess pieces in the positions chess grandmasters will never move

  8. The North Korea joke had me laughing for 5 min strait

  9. Jeremy and Adam's hairdos make me want to cry

  10. Here's the pgn 1. h4 h5 2. g4 g5 3. f4 a5 4. b4 Nh6 5. e4 Ra6 6. e6(w) c4(w) gxh4(b) 7. Ka1(w) Pxabcdefgh#(w)

    Devon is actually very bad at this game for a competitor in the national championship. Before Angela makes any illegal moves, Devon's normal moves are bad. He doesn't try to control the center at all. Angela blunders the pawn on g4, and instead of taking it, he plays the mirror move and blunders his own pawn in the exact same way. After b4 exposes Angela's rook to a potential bishop attack, which would theoretically lead to a sequence of moves that would leave Devon in an advantageous position in terms of his piece mobility, he doesn't seize the opportunity by playing Bg4. For his last move in legal opening, he blunders a rook-bishop trade. Neither of them deserve to be there.

  11. This is unrealistic, there was no coughing at all from the audience

  12. “Devon is clearly a mix of devil and demon.”

    “and terrorist”

  13. This one was hard to laugh at as it hits to close to reality. This is one of the reasons a large portion of my generation are such whiners even in their thirties.

  14. Can someone teach the Panthers how to use Princess Smash?

  15. Well, she must be some kind of prodigy if she is a 3rd grader and only 6!!

    Young chess champion molested by hosts of chess championship

  17. just saying that is a kindergartener or at least a 1st grader

  18. Aren’t the Hartford’s the family in “Christmas cards” as the family who had six kids 😂

  19. I keep re-watching the part where he puts the tower back because adult actor not I like seeing children cry

  20. Adam:You know what I’m just gonna put it back.
    Mallory:But I was like the tower from Tangled (cries)
    Adam:No don’t cry!
    Matt:HOW DARE YOU!

  21. I started watching this and thought Angela would completely destroy devin fairly but this so much better

  22. This is literally how my games against little siblings go…

  23. All of the mean things about Devin are true, he went to UCLA

  24. you can tell the actor is good when the antagonist is super hateable

  25. So, she's in the third grade at six? Either her parents started her out way too early, or she is indeed a prodigy.

  26. Pov: Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura doing the bongcloud opening

  27. My god! She was playing 3d chess and no one knew

  28. Devon changes his name to Neil Miller and becomes a therapist.

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