99% of Chess Players Cannot Solve This – Part 1 (Stalemate!)

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Even Stockfish doesn’t realize that it’s a draw. Only until after I make the correct move does Stockfish realize that the game is a draw. Good Luck solving it!

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  2. good video, it is important to note that at 2:18 , this is a draw becuase the white king will get the e2 pawn easily, and B+P+K(black) vs. B+K(white) can not win in this scenario, becuase black had the wrong colored h pawn, it is a proven draw. if we pretend that the pawn on e2 isn't there, then white can easily draw this by marching his king to h1.
    (edit: also, while white marches his king to let the e2 pawn, white should first place his bishop on e1 so black has no bf2 then queening ideas, even if white sacks his bishop for e pawn, it is draw but this scenario is easier)

  3. Why wouldn't Black just take the Pawn first before promoting to a Queen… I'd lose a Bishop, if it meant winning the game. especially with the Pawn in such an annoying position. Black's Queen can Check the King away. And if White stops the Pawn from Promoting with the bishop. It is stuck and can't move. Black still has a Pawn up on him and a Bishop that can move about.

  4. How does white possibly force a draw when Black has a pawn and bishop to move with a King and get another queen. if white moves their bishop at all black gets a queen and the White King has no way of getting that far across the board to kill black's pawn. If Black just moves the bishop twice, you will Protect the Pawn… Please explain, because I played this out on a real board and I could never get a draw with White. Moving just a King against 3 pieces.

  5. OK I think I see what you are talking about. Basically, White needs to move really well into the white corner to get "stuck" (I kind of assumed that white was playing to win with a checkmate. At least checking the Black King once with a Bishop.) If someone exploited the stalemate rules like this on purpose. Where I'm from, they'd be liable to lose some fingers. I'm sure there's a reason that games today prevent rules exploiting and infinite loops for players who are sore losers.

    It's like on Star Trek when Data was playing for just a Tie instead of to win lol.

    However after watching it from the start again, I think the reason the computer doesn't see a forced Draw game is at 34 sec, Black can move Bishop to D6. Which forces white to take it, or lose theirs. Then black can end the game by getting a Queen

  6. i thought it was ke7 followed by kf7 but black has Bb4 ! dam ! thanks, good puzzle

  7. I did see this funny, yay me for being 1% lol

  8. 0:35 What's stopping black from moving king to g8 and preventing any checkmates/stalemates?

  9. I'm a pretty casual chess player, but can you explain the scenarios at :18 on black's turn instead of moving the pawn to e2, if he moves the knight to g6?

  10. Interesting all though white wins with Rook A1 then Rook A8 and bishop G7

  11. nahhh, I wouldn't take the pawm for sure. I will move the queen for check.

  12. Couldnt u move the black bishop and take out the white one which would move the king out of check?

  13. [99% of chess players can't solve this]
    Me : Ohh that's nice, I'm not a chess player so I should know.
    Watches vid
    Me : Hmm ok never mind I'm out…

  14. What about ra1, ra8, bg7? could also check you with bishop, no? I’m pretty knee so just asking

  15. how do i create custom chess board like this on chess,co ?

  16. Stockfish.js 10 finds the solution quite fast haha.

  17. What's wrong with Rook a1 then rook a8 then Bg7 mate?

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