9 Year Old Girl Hustles Trash Talker With Brutal Queen Sac! Queen’s Gambit IRL! Ruyi vs Boston Mike

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Will you see the BRUTAL queen sac coming???


  1. He lost the moment he gave her the white pieces

  2. What do ya got next here, turnstyle? Make your move there, Hercules 😂

    I would have had so much fun in her position, this guy is so cool.

  3. He feels like a big man talking down to a child

  4. 1:36 swear that dude was about to call him a FkFace and saved it by luckily pausing and saying fluffcake 😮😂

  5. He's helping her in truth! She's a Champion! But needs a loving push!

  6. That's so smart if he takes the queen then he's dead

  7. I am not a good chess player, but did really enjoy theis game…!

  8. I actually liked this guy, he's trying to be the mad guy, but he's actually quite gentle xDD the girl has an attitude, she looks at him at the beginning and doesnt even doubt when he says "youre going down" xD that's how a badass look :')

  9. The nick name I would give her is the humbler

  10. The guy on the next table over was kinda obnoxious

  11. The man wants a draw when he's losing 😂😂😂

  12. This has to be the most wholesome game of chess Ive ever seen.

  13. nickname: Mini Assassin or Lil' Assassin ^_^
    she's brutal, i wish i could see her facial expressions to see if she was serious or smiling

  14. Grandad vibes can play grumpy all he wants but cant hide the grandad

  15. World Champion Chess player is Ruyi!!!!!!

  16. I did not even see the queen sac💀💀💀im 1400… I feel ashamed

  17. he was just having fun. It doesn't hurt him losing but the comments here though.🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. When I party is won, an party is won. There are longer parties,be first in your classroom with average notes. I.succceed two times, in sixth school and at master II at university but some cheated in middle. An university battle is continuing till end of years with two semesters. It is an chess game too and I had an attitude as this only at university. He spoke to much during play. To play chess in an.serious competition and cameras, should have at least 5 years of play, many hours a daily. In some country, maybe some people are trainning many hours a day as at school. Win is an.personal decision with working a lot and etablish an strategy to win.

  19. She wanted that utter defeat to shut him up.

  20. How fucking annoying you have to be 🙄

  21. What a piece of trash this man is! Talking like this to any opponent, let alone a little girl is beyond rude! Glad he had to eat his hat

  22. The gameplay after few second theres like message sound i think the timing was super perfect it said the youtuber made a video and the sound timing was cool 👍👍👍

  23. Hi can someone explain to me why he didn’t take the queen when he was put in check? Clearly there was no other piece protecting her queen. Thanks

  24. After playing the queen f7 instead of making check with the queen on f5 she could check with the knight on f6. The king could had only one move on h8. Than last move queen f8 and checkmate.

  25. Dude in the background playing the other kid knows he's going to lose

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