800 Elo Chess Is AMAZING…

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Absolutely wild 800 elo chess

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  1. That was fking hilarious. You should do this weekly

  2. I fear the idea that, one day, looking at one of these commented games, I will find one of my match!

  3. Hi GothamChess, I just had 6 queens in one game and barely won, am I doing something wrong?? 800 elo player

  4. 14:50 Wouldn't you just checkmate starting with … Re2+ instead of taking the bishop if White takes the pawn on c3?

  5. I think the best move that white made is king to c Brrrrrrrbrbr 🤣🤣🤣 17:09

  6. this was more entertaining than i expected 🤣

  7. "Man these guys are terrible"

    * boots up a 430 elo blitz game *

  8. 8:45, wait a minute, if the queen goes to a1, then wouldnt that be checkmate?

  9. 3:01 pawn could have taken knight i think then castled for more d fence

  10. In 19:41 idk how timestamps work if the Bishop was in b2 then isn't it mate in 2 or 3 queen does g8

  11. I've gotten from 500 to 800 in the last several months. It's funny how many blunders both me and my opponents just don't see.

  12. 10:00 i feel i would go bishop to c4 giving the treath of mate then he would have to take his c2 pawn to c3 wich i would then take with the d4 pawn wich he cant take with the horse becuse if he do ill take him with my bishop and then he cant take me with the b2 pawn becuse again its a free quen but he would have no other choise becuse if he didnt i would mate him with taking the b2 pawn with the quen

  13. There's something wrong with the ratings, I'm 700 and I just won a game against 1500 rated player.

  14. I can't believe i watched a 20 minutes chess video ( i have 40 million power)

  15. wow, i love seeing my chess elo getting bullied

  16. I am capable of hanging on to a 1200/1300 rating for awhile if i get real serious with studying the game, but hanging out in the 750 to 950 area is just more fun, I can try risky things and have interesting games.

  17. I laughed so hard because this is exactly what I do and with your comments it made it even funnier 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. See me personally as a professional 500 elo player, I can see a checkmate in 30, but I fail to realize that they can play other moves than I want them to. I then proceed to get checkmated because I forget my king needs to be protected.

  19. I just played someone 20 rating points better than me and brutally destroyed them

  20. I swear the lines on his forehead change pattern every year

  21. Levy, what is your Email? I have a funny game where I blundered but my opponent didn’t take.

  22. How can I submit my games? I had a rlly good one recently where it was 84% accuracy at 750-800Elo

  23. at 13:12 I think white played queen f3 to prevent black from playing queen c3 and putting his king in check though it is easily avoidable at e2 I doubt white saw that

  24. i just played a game to get to 805 and i had an accuracy of 94.9 idek how i did it

  25. Hi Levy. Thanks for helping me get from 1400 to 250 in just 5 days. I couldn't have done it without you

  26. If chess is so good why isnt there a chess 2

  27. Looks like chess when played perfectly doesnt always end in a draw

  28. Hey Levy, before I started watching you, I had 500, but now I’m up to 800 in a month!

  29. after he moved the rook in endgame all he had to do was bishop to block it then rook to d8 is backrank checkmate

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