8 Year Old vs. 10 Year Old Ending Will Make Your Heart Pound!

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  1. Ehhh mediocore I am 10 and I think I'm better than them

  2. Tbh the game was too fast at the beginning.

  3. I'm about their level. But I'm 12. I wish I was this good when I was 8 or 10!

  4. There's a kid named Colin in my school chess club/team, and he was 8-9 (Rn he's 9 I believe when I wrote this)
    I feel like he's a lot like that Colin "The conqueror" in the video lol
    I'm about their level, but I'm 12, but the Colin in my chess club/team is about my level (At most only a little bit worse).

  5. Take this as 8 GB ram vs 10 GB ram lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. в эндшпиле когда конь и ладя нацелелись на пешку надо было подвести короля в центр и делать всякие выжидательные и нападающие ходы

  7. My age is also 10 but i got 370 rating only….. and im in Crystal League

  8. this kids is so good at chess in this such a young age i just learn how to play chess when i was like 10 or 11

  9. Mere satb bhi hua hai Esa 😑 last movement win time 🏆 but I am not win 😑 😭😭

  10. Black made some mistakes and some good moves especially when he pinned the knight to king but white moved knight and castled

  11. Ofc it’s ganna makas our heart pound if not we die

  12. can you please give the link for that chess board ??

  13. they're already grandmasters they paly better then me and play more than i can breath like what are we people doing with our lives

  14. I love this chess my heart was pounding when then are playing chess

    And the winner was have not the time but it not give up

    The small one is winner 🏆🏆🏆
    All the best winner

    Good playing 😄😄😄😄😄

  15. in that case who wins 10 year or 8 year

  16. Very fast move i like it

  17. I am only child and I was never around children my whole life, so I wonder at what age they beging to be able to centralize the pieces properly… Nice game!

  18. Wowwww chess board what is name of this board and price

  19. where do i find this la chess board i need this board to teach others about chess

  20. Wow what game🎉🎉🎉🎉😢 very good 👍

  21. My heart pounded before the game stareted❤❤

  22. Lo malo es que juagan com si tuvieran i minuto un segundo analizen el de diez iva ganar pero jugo rapido y no vio la buenga jutada

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