8 Grandmasters Together Play against Alfazero (4000 elo) | chess strategy | Alphazero vs GM | Levy

Hi Chess Friends, Welcome to Ai chess channel. This video is about Stockfish Leela Alfazero Alphazero Dragon GM chess Openings and Tactics Games Ect.

This Game is About Alfazero (Not alphazero) Vs Hikaru, Magnus, Aronian, Vishy, Kramnik, Fabiano, Anish, Ian BOT Together CHESS VARIATIONAL Game.

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1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. Nc3 a6 4. d4 cxd4 5. Nxd4 b5 6. Bd3 Bb7 7. O-O Nc6 8. Nxc6
Bxc6 9. a3 Qc7 10. Qe2 Bd6 11. Nd5 Qb8 12. f4 Ne7 13. Nb4 Bb7 14. Be3 O-O 15. c3
f5 16. e5 Bc7 17. a4 a5 18. Nc2 bxa4 19. Bc5 Rf7 20. h4 h6 21. Nd4 Nd5 22. Rxa4
Qc8 23. Nb3 Bd8 24. g3 Nb6 25. Bxb6 Bc6 26. Bb5 Bxb5 27. Qxb5 Rb8 28. Qe2 Qc6
29. Ba7 Rxb3 30. Ra2 g5 31. Kh2 Rg7 32. h5 Rb5 33. Rg1 Kh8 34. Be3 Rb8 35. Rg2
Bb6 36. Bd2 a4 37. Qd1 Bc5 38. Bc1 Ra8 39. Ra1 Be7 40. Rf2 Bc5 41. Rf1 g4 42.
Qe2 Rb8 43. Ra2 Rgg8 44. Re1 Rb6 45. Be3 Bxe3 46. Qxe3 Rgb8 47. Qf2 Qd5 48. Rea1
Kg8 49. Qg2 Qd3 50. Rc1 Rb5 51. Rc2 Qc4 52. Ra1 Rb3 53. Qd2 R8b7 54. Qe2 Qc6 55.
Rd2 Ra7 56. Qf2 Qb7 57. Ra3 Kf8 58. Rxb3 axb3 59. Qc5+ Ke8 60. Qg1 Ra4 61. Qg2
Qxg2+ 62. Kxg2 Ra1 63. Kf2 Kd8 64. Re2 Rh1 65. Kg2 Rb1 66. Kf2 Kc7 67. Rd2 Rc1
68. Re2 Rh1 69. Kg2 Rd1 70. Kf2 Kc6 71. Re1 Rd3 72. Re3 Rd2+ 73. Re2 Rc2 74. Ke3
Rc1 75. Rd2 Rh1 76. Rd4 Rh3 77. Rc4+ Kd5 78. Rd4+ Kc5 79. Kf2 Rh2+ 80. Kg1 Rxb2
81. Rb4 Rd2 82. Rxb3 Kc4 83. Rb7 Kxc3 84. Kf1 Kd3 85. Rxd7+ Ke3 86. Rd6 Rf2+ 87.
Kg1 Re2 88. Rxe6 Kf3 89. Kf1 Rf2+ 90. Ke1 Kxg3 91. Rxh6 Rxf4 92. Kd2 Re4 93. e6
Kh4 94. Kd3 Kg5 95. Rh7 Rxe6 96. Kd4 g3 97. Rg7+ Kf4 98. Rc7 Rh6 99. Rc2 Rxh5
100. Ra2 Kf3 101. Ra3+ Kg4 102. Ra2 f4 103. Rd2 Rh2 104. Rd1 g2 105. Ke5 Rh1
106. Rd7 g1=Q 107. Rg7+ Kf3 108. Rxg1 Rxg1 109. Kd4 Kg3 110. Kc3 f3 111. Kc4 f2
112. Kd5 f1=Q 113. Ke6 Kf4 114. Kd5 Qb5+ 115. Ke6 Rg7 116. Kd6 Ke4 117. Ke6 Qa6#

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5:20 Game

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  1. Who is stoovkfish ??
    Is this channal runed by robot ???

  2. bishop to h7+, king can't retreat or qh8 checkmate.
    So king takes, queen x bishop e6. pawn is pinned and now threatened. Pawn will fall in devastating attack…

  3. People don't realise that these are fake and AZ does not exist now

  4. the problem is really easy move the bishop to h7 to deliver a check. If the black king runs to f8(only choice aside from capturing white's bishop) then just queen to h8 checkmate. If black decides to capture the bishop, then just capture the black's bishop with the queen, and I think black will suffer the same fate (black will lose the game).

  5. If Stockfish were human, he would assert the game speaks for itself.

  6. Brutal partida.gracias Stockfish.Saludos.

  7. Uhmm, i think the game should work this way: let's say a group of strong chess players play against a 3500 elo. In that case you select the best move from a 4000elo. If stockfish is weaker than alphazero maybe the best move for him is not the right move to do

  8. غہٰٕٗۗﹻ۬ﹻۦ۬٭ﹻ ۦ۬ﹻ۬ﹻراي ۦٰ۪۫ۦٰٖٜ۬ﮩﮧﮧۦ٭ٰ۪۫ﹾ ﮰﮰ says:

    Can you make all videos translated into Arabic, because we are Arabs, we follow you🥲

  9. Stock fish can u make a video how to become a 4000 elo rated player

  10. Can you just put a line between grandmasters and supergrandmasters?

  11. Bishop g6 ,black pawn takes g6 finally queen g7 checkmate

  12. He/she/it said alfazero and not alphazero but people anyway called alphazero

  13. Stockfish teaching like he thinks he’s better than alpha zero

  14. did this robot just liked all the comments?

  15. what? who is determining the GM's best move? if it's stockfish, then they are guaranteed to lose because stockfish is weaker than alphazero.

  16. 8 grandmaster can win easy Alfazero, they are just not grandmasters.

  17. Who does comment and respond to the comments. Is it you stockfish bot?

  18. I always wonder what will be last comment from Alphazero once humans beat him

  19. So many players will jumble things up and not create the best outcome. Where there is a difference of opinion separate games could be played instead. The computer's commentary jargon is very poor at times, and the robot expressions don't work either, nor the annoying unfriendly voice.

  20. Watching Alpha zero games are so addictive!
    Thanks for preparing these videos for us!

  21. I wrote this comment before watching this video. Is there an original video with the grandmasters commenting on there moves?

  22. Chess puzzle solution:
    1. d7 Bxd7
    2. Rxd7 Qxd7
    3. Qxb8+

  23. Bh7 Rxh7 then Qxe6 then mate after rxpawn and qxh6 and if queen protects the h6 square then Rxf7+ targeting both of blacks pieces and you will win the game easily

  24. isnt it B,h7 K,h7 take Bishop pawn pined then go ahead and mate?????

  25. this game never happened. this whole channel is a scam channel.

  26. Puzzle answer is Bh7 check excellent move!

  27. Alphazero isnt publicly released how you can use it for this

  28. Its not the computer beating a human cause the computer is also man made. its like a car beating a human in a race. The car is an extension of your body but it cannot race by its own.

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