7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

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You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!
0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. There is 1000+ chess openings, you expect me to memorize all of them? There is 10¹¹¹ possible moves in chess and you expect me to find the best one? People can only be born with chess knowledge, I refuse to believe you can achieve it.

  2. Gotham talkin bout "fake training"… NOT A GAME, NOT A GAME!!!, ' fake training '. He talkin bout "fake training"… HE NOT EVEN TALKIN BOUT A GAME!!!

  3. I think somebody has been watching my games…I literally do everyone of these. I'm working on it though!

  4. even tho these are good tips let me present to you the devastating combo that is my issue: short term memory loss combined with memory dependant skill. I cannot step away from chess for too long since i will instantly drop like 200 elo (im around 400 rn). The good part is that i can easily gain back my skill through 2-3 10 min games but its still something to consider for myself.

  5. One of your best videos. So real on the fake training and one movers, points flow into each other so seamlessly lol

  6. can u make a similar video for OTB Chess?

  7. I hate when i play an opening, and i try developing and they just take the pawns and take my whole center like.. IM BEING NICE BIST

  8. You know you’re low elo when he points out the first move that came to your mind 23:45

  9. I love the comedy as much as the education. 🙂 Great vid

  10. You sound very angry at noobs. Feel attacked..

  11. The 7 Chess mistakes new players do:
    1: hang pawn
    2: hang knight
    3: hang bishop
    4: sacr- hang rook
    5: hang queen
    6: hang fork
    7: hang mate
    I'm done here, goodnight.

  12. interestingly almost all of those tips not only chess related, i'm doing those mistakes in my life also, A LOT

  13. What i love about chess is it increases intelligent awareness problem solving

  14. I love this video. I need someone to talk to me like this in daily life 😂

  15. Brilliant……..simply brilliant…this just inst about chess…but it goes beyond and into everyday life……..spoken like a true master……..the FAKE TRAINING part hits hard…..nobody much puts in the effort to study……..no more games till i learn a bit more….
    1) Openings
    2) Mid Game
    3) End Game
    4) Check mate patterns
    5) Repeat.

  16. “I always trade my queen because I am afraid of getting mated or losing my queen” 🤣 THATS LITERALLY ME.

  17. how about the fucking two rooks mistakes, when i havent moved any of them and the king is next to one of them and they check mate me right away, or take both of my rooks???

  18. Well at least l will take action not being jeffrey

  19. As a veteran one mover,we are lazy, impulsive, panicky and hold grudges😅

  20. I love your energy in your videos and specially this one 💪

  21. the end is the absolute truth… thx for that!!

  22. I make all of the mistakes of this list! Do I get a prize or something?

  23. I am playing chess just for fun because i was bored of watching YouTube and now i am addicted to chess and watching to improve my game

  24. Bro in one game that i saw on the game review there is 17 blunders,12 misses and 9 mistakes💀

  25. BAR chicken chicken chicken dá fat fat fat fat bin bin hoper copcoc nugget night went higgs boson markovian parallax denigrate McKinley bart stool singeing cat litter bombs

  26. Really enjoyed this. My personal struggle is to look at things from my opponent's point of view, and this reinforced that.

  27. If I get free even one cource I will study but online purchase is impossible from my country

  28. Your 2nd point is exactly why it feels like such a hassle to play chess. You gotta study and learn about 300 years of theory just to enjoy playing and winning some games

  29. Chess also feels very elitist like "oh he's a 1000, oh between two 800s it shouldn't matter" feels like the better players look down onto the new ones

  30. Mind : But the problem is my opponents are also watching this 😅😅

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