7 EASY Things To Become A Better Chess Player

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In this video I present 7 things you can do to become a better chess player, I feel like organising tips makes it easier to understand what exactly you should focus on so I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. I teach new players and have told players to sit on their hands for years!

  2. I think the sit on your hands thing is the most important advice.

  3. Get better by watching more Anna? Don't mind if I do.

  4. These tips are very useful! I always learn with your videos 🙂

  5. Thanks….I'll try your suggestions. I'm a beginner at 60. I can beat 800 rated,, but not 1000 on the computer.. Hopefully these will help.

  6. I'm 1600 in puzzles and 800 in rapid how is that so?

  7. Anna. We need help with rooks. I never know which square to put them on after castle. I know open files and center generally speaking but what about in situations where there could be some action unfolding somewhere else on the board. Can you help with this

  8. Easisest tip : just stop blundering
    Hardest tip : just stop blundering😔

  9. im really concern about the Dam cow coming from around the t.v, lol

  10. The norse Yankee voice…is crappie. Mum not mom. Mom voter's nearly got the Donald as king 👑.
    Revealed mate no NHS buggers.

  11. Would be interested to know how many shots were taken for one clips, you are watching and suddenly the hair or sth. changes 😀

  12. Hi, Anna…, Your best tip…, is to sit on your hands and look more closely at a better chess move or a "Stockfish" move… Excellent tips and an excellent video, and very informative, and "Thank you" for sharing the video… * Anna…, you are bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana 🙂

  13. Man why are there always so many creepy fucking comments where people are simping hard? Get some fresh air and experience something called the real world.

  14. 1. Longer games
    2. Review games,
    3. Do puzzles
    4. Patient, stay positive
    5. Watch pro people
    6. Double check moves like queen blunders
    7. Identify self weakness, pawning? castle? poor opening?

  15. No woman can be smart and beautiful at the same ti…
    Anna exists

  16. Anna Cramling gangster? Vad handlar halsbandet om? Bra med skillshare! Du lär dig tjejen. Men gangster? Är detta förinspelat? Trodde du var i USA? Tio armhävningar.

  17. It's a huge rush when watching a Mangus or Naka game & they make the move you calculated as the best move.

  18. Smart, beautiful and fun—this girl’s a keeper.

  19. Step 1 for me is "Start playing"

    Why do I keep clicking Chess videos?

  20. For the non-chess players…
    3 easy steps…
    1.) Click on Anna's latest upload
    2.) Have beer handy…each time Anna makes a move…take a drink
    3.) Remember to "like and comment" on said upload…maybe later…
    Energetic Upload! 👍

  21. I have a 1700 Elo in puzzles, but still stuck at around 900 ELO rapid chess (10min games). so frustrating!! 🙁

  22. Chess’s most beautiful player and more importantly a great role model for all girl chess players out there keep inspiring Anna

  23. ive never even played chess even once

  24. . Double check moves like queen blunders…this is my big problem ..i always seem to loose my Queen so early in the game ….drives me potty ….this kills me in chess …this more or less ..why my game is lost ..thank you …you should have been in the Queens Gambit ..have seen it 3 times at least ..merry xmas from Ireland 🎄🎄🎄

  25. has never done a single puzzle. wonders where puzzling would get me.

  26. I dont even play chess but I just love the way she says CHASS and CHACKMAYT

  27. One way I used to keep learning fun, was to play a game called "Battle chess." The animation has come a LONG WAY in the last 25+ years….. It helps keep the game interesting and fun while the engine is beating your ass!

  28. I really love your Christmas tree! Merry Christmas Anna!!

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