7 EASY Things To Become A Better Chess Player

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In this video I present 7 things you can do to become a better chess player, I feel like organising tips makes it easier to understand what exactly you should focus on so I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. Anna is such a wonderful person. She brings chess down to a (700) level I can understand. She doesn't just make it on her looks. Just love this woman!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. What chess engine would you recommend?

  3. I don’t even play chess Anna is just the #1 woman on the planet

  4. I don't think there is a chess personality who explains the game as clearly as Anna does

  5. I'm pretty new to taking chess seriously. Can anyone explain why the first knight move was bad and the other was good?

  6. Pia Cramling was a really good chessplayer!

  7. My mom, who is a grand master… 😂

  8. Mybguess is if a fat bald dude was saying the same tips his channel would atteact no one but a false blonde in a tight top is winner …..

  9. Damn it, Anna. I’ve just learned how the all pieces move. I’m holding you accountable for this! 😊😂🎉 Happy New Year

  10. ok who else does puzzles at work? check 🙂

  11. I used to loose to the early Queen attack, I watched one video about it and now I win every game I see that move

  12. I’ve been elo 400 for about a year. Very sad

  13. you're so kind! and great advice too <3

  14. 1:48 Great! I got a Harry Potter puzzle for Christmas. Let's do more puzzles!! 😉😅

  15. Yes chess puzzles. It's like practicing the same moves on a heavy bag.

  16. Helpful video but why is the background music so loud?

  17. Hey Anna! Great video, thank you very much! Just one thing, the music that starts 5:15 is a bit too loud, it makes it a bit harder to understand you! Anyways, have a great day! 🙂

  18. The only two I have a problem with are #3 and #5. Puzzles baffle me because they usually involve very weird board positions, and I can't help wondering how it got that way. Learning by watching advanced players is like trying to learn guitar by watching Van Halen videos. You will be baffled, and feel like throwing your guitar in the trash.

  19. I don't like playing with clocks at all, especially really fast time controls, because then you're not playing chess, you're just playing "beat the clock."

  20. Not fair. This girl is to beautiful. Definitely my future wife. Lol 🤣

  21. 5/7… Reassuring I’m on the right track. Thank you

  22. I'm at 600 and getting mad that i cant "climb", after more than 10 years without praticting with consistency. The tip to be more "patient was really important :p

  23. the more I’m getting into chess, I guess ‘calculating’ isn’t that much about Maths 🤔😅

  24. Bra tips med långa partier. Jag spelar bara blixtschack och får ingen förbättring i mitt spelande.

  25. I taught my 10 year old at Christmas, and now he thrashes me and plays one min games online. If an opponent tries a cheap chessmate he gets annoyed then destroys them.

  26. I'd love to play and learn chess from you…..

  27. "Watch Grand master and try to understand them to improve. Try to figure out what they're doing that's making them win."
    Magnus Carlson: 1. e4 2. Ke2

  28. 2:10 goblin mode me when I open fridge and there is still food inside

  29. Anna can you a make a video on recovery from losses and frustrations? I started off enthusiastic and now starting to see a negative shift in myself after losing a lot.

  30. Now we know how Anna came up with The Cow, by watching M. Carlson!!!! His brilence rubbed off on her.

  31. "do puzzles"
    me who can only do 3 a day since i dont have money for premium:

  32. I love to watch your games, but is it way too fast for me to understand what is going on 😀

  33. Called me out in the first 30 seconds – I gotta stop playing blitz and bullets😅

  34. Is there a way to be rated without joining a tournament? I don’t really know how good I am but I do puzzles all the time.

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