6-Year-Old Girl Shocks Chess Masters

During our stream in Las Vegas we offered $100 to anyone who could beat us in a chess game. Nobody was even close to winning until this young girl Sammy came. As we found out later, she was trained specifically to play us by one of our viewers… Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what other types of videos you’d like to see on this channel!
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  1. The white girl cant play and all she does is blabber not funny comments

  2. glad the bishop lineup, it would've been embarrassing

  3. The parents deserve the greatest applause here.

  4. I thought that boy is jordi el nino 😂😂

  5. Is that the guy who gave a rose to Andrea and she gave it to Alex ?

  6. NOT TAKING KNIGHTS FOR CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Now that was some tough lassie, well done! I wish my daughter is as good when she is 6… She is 3 now and knows how to set-up the board 😀

  8. Now that was a chess video worth watching. I'd like to see a rematch one day between Alex and Sammy.

  9. What a smart beautiful little girl. Great game.

  10. A bit of 'touch move' cheating going on there, but still, probably way better than me.

  11. Glad that u remember she's just a kid and gave her the win not hert her feelings
    that was nice from u

  12. sweet of u too not crush her at the first blunder 😀

  13. what a nice kid, Im sure the parents are proud.

  14. It was very polite of you to treat the young player. It speaks well of you.

  15. Everyone is talking about giving the $100 back, which is great. But I loved that Sammy gave her some Pokiman cards as a gift to begin with. That said as much as anything about her character. The whole video makes me smile.

  16. Wow they definitely don’t give participation trophies over there

  17. I love how everyone is cheering Sammie to win.
    Her coach is such a nice guy, and good strategy and coaching.

  18. It’ll be an excellent chess promotions if you young ladies do the Camino de Santiago

  19. What a fine example of skill and sportsmanship.

  20. Such a cute video! loved it.

    She had to get up from her seat to reach the other end of the board and in a hurry forgetting to take the pieces off and doing it again! So adorable, need extra time just for that

  21. Can someone tell me what the outro song is?

  22. There was so many emotions, choices, hidden communications going on in this video. Educational for many reasons.

  23. That was so adorable. God bless this little future champion!

  24. Instead of going f3 I think she should've played be4

  25. Does the clock have a display on the opposite side as well?

  26. Love how encouraging you were of Sammy! You are demonstrating to her that women can master a game that only a few generations ago were hostile to female players. Great compassion and compliments towards her!

  27. I like that, u have given a chance. Also the kid is smart when u point 2 pieces😂, its already checkmate and honestly, i thought like y u have missed that easy checkmate and finally seen the kindness ☺️

  28. Is her coach the guy who was awkwardly crushing on Foghorn Leghorn Andrea?

  29. At the end Sammy could of killed her king with ruck

  30. I would have check mated her. She's gotta learn.

  31. "Sammy is focused and she is playing great moves here"
    Stockfish on the eval bar : gigachad mode

  32. Awesome parents teaching her to be honorable and give the $100 back.

  33. What happened at 8:49 someone pls explain? Sorry I don't play chess very much

  34. You can tell she had pride and wants to earn her prize. Bless her brain and dedication, what a fine little person <3

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