6 Chess TIPS to Improve FAST: No Secret Tricks, No Strategy, No Moves, Only BASIC Chess Advice

How to Become a Better Chess Player? This is the question I am going to answer in this video. I share with you 6 amazing tips to practice and improve your game fast. No Secret Tricks, no fancy strategies, no special moves, no tactics. Only some basic chess advice to improve and win more games. This chess lesson will be very helpful for beginner level chess players. You can use these chess ideas to learn how chess works & improve your chess rating. These tips will also help you to understand your game better & play better moves in the opening, middle game & endgame.

6 Tips to Improve & Become a Better Chess Player:
1. Stop playing Quick Chess Games such as the blitz & bullet. Play standard Games of atleast 30 minutes per side to think over your moves and play the best move.
2. Solve Chess Puzzles
3. Eliminate Blunder Moves by focusing on the Middle game. Secret tip: Don’t attack too early.
4. Try out Different Opening Variations. Don’t stick to a particular chess opening style. The more you experiment, the better you will get. Follow the opening principles, I had discussed in my previous video.
5. Don’t Memorise Moves. Focus on the bigger idea and your moves will follow.
6. Enjoy the Game & Have Fun!

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  1. But I heard you should as a beginner choose two openings for black and two for white and learn those by heart.

  2. Pls add more videos for beginners sir

  3. This is so helpful, thank you very much!

  4. Fact my opponent watching same video then never end the our game in 30 minutes 😂😂

  5. I want to defeat my brother because he always beats me!

  6. Hindi mai speech diya karo bhai hindi hindustan ko rashtravaadi bhasha hai😒😒😒

  7. this is more like a lesson for life than anything else. Thanks!

    It's better to avoid sure mistakes than to try too hard to figure out the best solution.
    Don't act from memory, flow with the moment.
    And don't take it too serious, in the end it's just a game and you should have fun.

    Is exactly what I needed for my life right now, though I came here for chess.
    There are no coincidences.

  8. I always playing chess everyday and now I get better at playing chess

  9. Is there any video about different chess ideas

  10. Ah yes. another indian guy came to the earth to save us all

  11. you already know its going to be a great video when its an Indian guy teaching you

  12. Can you plz send the link for scandivain defense

  13. And can you tell how to play tournament at saturday

  14. Anyone watching this video in 2021?🔥

  15. I make the mistake of attacking too bloody soon and I get my ass kicked. You’re right, I do need to think over my moves because something or the other will always come back to bite you in the butt

  16. I came here so I can beat my phone

  17. I am too fast and that's why I often blunder my queen out of the game even tough she could easily be saved.

  18. This is the best chess video I've watched on YouTube 👏👏👏
    5 Stars To You

  19. I have a brain injury, and I have terrible attention. I keep hearing that that end games are where games are won and lost. Actually my end games are usually great. When a game board is full of pieces, focusing on every one is difficult for me, and I'll make a ton of blunders and mistakes. It feels the same as finding a dime in a bucket of nickels. Despite my poor attention, my memory and problem solving are fairly strong. As long as games are slow, and the board is fairly empty of pieces, I can make strong comebacks. I actually just won a half hour game wt someone from India, against someone twice my rating wt only 45 seconds to go. I can usually win games, as long, as I am able to hold on to my better pieces. I've actually even been accused of playing bad beginning, and mid games, just so I can then take advantage of unsuspecting players later on. Does anyone have any advice about playing better beginning and mid games.

  20. Where the hell do the Indian dad get all of this information

  21. Thank you Indian dad, these tips are useful. I need tips for how to find bobs and vigine on the internet

  22. i win against my friend for the first time 😀 and i was new soo (psssst do u think i have an hidden power?) so yeh i think he was going easy on me but manege to beat him and. i was a beginer im been adicted To it now

  23. The best way to learn chess to keep playing with instructions like these ,with time u begin to draw and then win , more and more .

  24. I can't find the old videos, did they get deleted?

  25. My kid solve lot of puzzles but he fails to use while playing.

  26. After watching this, i defeated my pro friend in just 2 minutes! Thank u!

  27. I learned to play chess January 3 2022, and they say your beginner, but now no one can beat me. Because i did winning and i defeat the hint button in chess.

  28. I play chess with my elder brother who plays chess better than me so every time I learn my mistakes🙂

  29. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    These are exactly the kinds of tips I need at my current skill level. I'm so glad this came up in my search. It's hard to find broad tips like this about the meta/about strategies for learning, instead of specific gameplay examples!

    This video really helped clarify how I'm making some mistakes in my learning, especially playing games that are too short. I thought shorter games were helping me avoid overthinking (I play a little better with super short games than 10 minute ones) but I see now that I absolutely should try some longer ones. And I'd been trying to stick to a basic similar opening most of the time for consistency and experimenting with everything after that, but now I see that I definitely need to try more variety! All the other tips are great too.

    Thanks so much for this video!

  30. Nice tips but i did not like the suggestion to play a lot of different openings. Two or 3 for each color is quite a lot when you consider variations

  31. I like this guy,his mindset is the same as mine and these suggestions were really useful to me

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