6 Checkmate Traps | Chess Opening Tricks to Win Fast | Short Games, Moves, Tactics & Ideas

Here are 6 quick checkmate traps. Openings are exciting & there are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you 6 amazing chess games, where some really good players got checkmated in the opening. These traps are for both white & black in various opening variations. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. These short games will also help you in improving your tactics & give you some new ideas to win more games. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

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Traps Covered:
0:00 Quick Checkmate Traps Introduction
0:32 Game #1: A Trap in the Three Knights’ Opening
2:22 Game #2: A Trap in the French Defense
4:38 Game #3: A Trap in the Italian Game
6:40 Game #4: A Trap in the Phildor Defense
8:21 Game #5: A Trap in the Alekhine’s Defense
10:37 Game #6: A Trap in the Sicilian Defense
12:33 Chess Puzzle

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  1. All this trap works if opponent follows good or best moves🫥

  2. 4:05 the best move for white is actually Bc4, after which black’s queen is doomed. The threat will be to win the queen with a discovered check, and there’s no square the queen can go to that the knight can’t attack on its next move. For example, if the queen goes to G6, white simply plays Nf4+ and wins the queen via discovered check.

  3. 3:54 going to G6 is the biggest blunder you could make in this position. Said move results in a forced checkmate via

    1. Bd3+! Kh6
    2. Nf7#

    Or another variation is:

    1. Bd3+, Ne4
    2. Bxe4, Kf6
    3. Qf3#

  4. answer of last puzzle: Bc4+, d5, Bxd5+,Qxd5, Qxd5+, e6, Qxe6#

  5. The best trick is never under estimate your opponett

  6. White-Bishop C4 , black queen D5 , white queen d5, black-pawn-e6, white- queen e6

  7. Bc4check-Pd5

  8. Played thousands of game after watching this but win only one

  9. In game 6 at 12:15 what if the night on c6 capture the night on d8 then king won’t have to move to corner ….😅😅 thoughts 💭

  10. Answer for the puzzle: BC4+, If the D6 Pawn blocks, then BxD5, QxD5, & QxD5#. Or If The F6 Pawn blocks, BxF5#.

  11. My answer for the puzzle is checking by the bishop

  12. I like this playing and videos please send me especially black defence ❤

  13. How many times can I watch the game so as to understand and play back

  14. May you give me advice about the chess

  15. First bishop to e4 and then bishop to g6 it will be a chekmate

  16. Bro the best quick checkmate is the scholars mate all the pattern you show are useless

  17. Game 6 me Nd8 chake ek. Mistake hai kuki knight exchange ho jayega ismr

  18. Hello I am your subscriber I want to ask something

  19. You have said we should not remove our queen firstly but in 1 chess trick we have to remove our queen firstly

  20. Most players move theri pawn when they got attack at Queen or king

  21. Step 1, tell your component where to go, and to follow the script.

  22. Bc4 d5
    Qxd5 QxQd5
    BxQd5 e6
    i guess??

  23. Opponent would not paly the move what we want

  24. I trapped my opponent in 5th trap❤

  25. for game 6 mate in 4: im thinking…
    bishop moves to c4 (check), black defends with pawn to d5,
    bishop takes d5 (check),
    black queen takes d5, white queen then takes d5 (check),
    last defense is pawn to e6, queen takes e6 (mate)

    im a beginner.. that's the only scene i could come up with.

  26. Bishop to C4 check then black moves D6 pawn to D5, white bishop captures D5 pawn (check), black captures white bishop on D5 with queen, white queen captures black queen .check. only way to get rid of the check is to move E7 pawn to E6 and finally white queen captures pawn on E6 CHECKMATE…

  27. White bishop is responsible for checkmate in puzzle??

  28. I see a mate in one move with the bishop since the king only has one place to go and the bishop is totally free to corner the king

  29. X♾Last one – Bishop to C4 (check) then black moves D6 pawn to D5, white bishop captures D5 pawn(check), black captures white bishop on D5 with queen,white queen captures black queen(check) only way to get rid of the check is to move E7 pawn to E6 and finally white queen captures pawn on E6 (CHECKMATE)

  30. Playing with computer is difficult but I have won 48times and drew 70 times lost 90 times

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