5 Year Old Wins Her FIRST Ever Chess Game! #shorts

The Joy of Winning for the First Time! ❤️

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Yo she just five she win 😅 I’m embarrassed I’m 19 and I can’t even do chess😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  2. With the bishop defending the queen, the king can’t get her its Checkmate!

  3. My sister whats a 5 year old may beat her

  4. Those nods and smile by both of them at the end!! Adorable !!!😄

  5. What a great start of playing chess she would be a GrandMastet someday.

  6. So cute both played respectfully and that head shaking acknowledgement
    Tooo cute

  7. I am 27 and i get teary sometimes when i loose in chess

  8. bro is already good at 5 years old while when i was 7 i was learning how does pieces move🗿

  9. Such a cute reactions after a checkmate

  10. If i was against that kid, dont think im letting her even do a single check💀

  11. When you bad at chess but your opponent is badder💀

  12. She can move up too not check mate its not even check mate buts she do her best,🥰🥰adorable

  13. I pay chess without think my king where 😅

  14. This kid will go places. Her first win and the way she looks composed. Wow❤

  15. W w wait?? HOW? How did these little girls learn to play chess at a young age im eleven and im still confused with castling in chess

  16. Man when i was grade 5 i didn't know chess and my school had a chess battle i had no knowledge of chess so i didn't play

    I regret it now 💀

  17. 5 year old wins her FIRST Ever Chess Game! Correct title: 5 year old wins her first ever tournament chess game.

  18. ❤❤❤❤,Sooo cute,I don't even know how to play ♟️

  19. Most adorable opponent ever! She's gonna be an awesome chess player!

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