5 Opening TRAPS Every Chess Player Must Know!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the 5 best chess opening traps that every chess player must know. These traps work extremely well in blitz and bullet games, but you may still use them in your classical chess games.

Another important note is that the games presented in this video are played by higher rated players, from 2400 all the way up to 3000. Therefore, even strong chess players fall for these traps!

The traps are from various chess openings (for both White and Black) including the Sicilian Defense, Italian Game (Two Knights Defense), Budapest Gambit, and the Trompowsky Attack.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Best Chess Opening Traps
00:23 Trap-1: Two Knights Defense, Lolli Variation
02:44 Trap-2: Sicilian Defense, Mengarini Variation
06:43 Trap-3: Budapest Gambit
08:17 Trap-4: St. George (Baker’s) Defense
09:38 Trap-5: Trompowsky Attack
11:01 Puzzle of the Day: Find the winning move

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 5 Best Chess Opening Traps

    00:23 Trap-1: Two Knights Defense, Lolli Variation

    02:44 Trap-2: Sicilian Defense, Mengarini Variation

    06:43 Trap-3: Budapest Gambit

    08:17 Trap-4: St. George (Baker's) Defense

    09:38 Trap-5: Trompowsky Attack

    11:01 Puzzle of the Day: Find the winning move

  2. 1)B:f7+..Kg:f7; 2)Qh5+ If king g8 – Ke6 and win the Queen. If black protects the king with g6 – white play Q:h7+ and win the queen with the next move.

  3. Bf7+, Kxf7. Now Ne6. If Kxe6 in order to save the queen… Qd5+, Kf6 and Qf5#

  4. Good content Sir. It is also nice to see the cat playing and enjoying your chess tricks

  5. This is the most I've ever seen your cat move. 😀

  6. After Bxf7+, black cannot save his Q which is smothered. So moving the K still loses the Q. If KxB then …Q-h5+. Then K-f8 is answered by N-e6+ forking the K and Q. K-g8 runs into Q-d5+ then N-f6. K-f6 loses to Q-f5 mate. If P-g6 … Qxh7+ still loses. Either K-f8 which loses the Q or K-f6…N-d5+ and mate will follow.

  7. Bxf7 Kxf7 Qh5; Kf8; Ne6 If . . .g6, Qd5 and again Ne6

  8. 💪very interesting lesson as always👏

  9. Puzzle: The threat is Ne6 to smother the queen!
    First we sacrifice our bishop to eliminate the f pawn: Bxf7+ Kxf7.
    Then we play Ne6 attacking the queen. Now if Kxe6, then Qd5+ Kf6 Qf5#.

  10. Solution to puzzle: 1. Bxf7 ch Kxf7 (any other allows 2. Ne6 winning the queen) 2. Qh5 ch g6 (other moves spell instant destruction) 3. Qxh7 ch Kf6 4. Bg5 ch Kxg5 5. Ne6 ch.

  11. Hey i was wondering could i send you one of my games and get your review ive learned alot from your videos

  12. On trap 2, instead of Nf6, they move they move Bd7 making room for Rd8 stopping your Nc7 and black is fine

  13. In trap 2, if your queen takes the rook, can’t the black knight simply trap your queen?

  14. At 1:37 it is said that after 7. c3 black loses its knight. What if black instead of retreating 7… Nc6 plays 7… f6? How to proceed to win the knight then?

  15. B x king bishop pond 8. Knight will win queen

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