5 Habits Of Chess Masters

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In this video we look at habits that chess masters have. These are traits and characteristics of some of the best chess players in the world. Chess Masters understand tempo in chess. Chessmasters make very few blunders and check for mistakes every single move in a chess game. Chess masters are not lazy, they calculate whenever necessary. Chess masters are accuarate. Chess Masters are resourceful.

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  1. Plot twist: "Uncle Bob" is the TERMINATOR!!

  2. on 4:10 why black's king not move to f8 instead of going to the corner h8 ?

  3. bro i love you but i hate this game because you're not master yet

  4. What is the music name in the end of video?? It's really nice.

  5. No uncle Bob was harmed while making this video?? Hmmm perhaps not. But there´s a former worldchampion who´s dead that we may call uncle Bob. But I think Bobby Fischer would raise from the dead and haunt me if I called him uncle Bob…. 😉

  6. Easy..Bobby Fischer!…Game of the Century when he was just 13 years old. Together with the legendary Paul Morphy the best player in the history of chess.

  7. Is this a game from Bobby Fischer, vs Donald Byrne?

  8. Uncle bob's been real quiet since this video was made.

  9. Ok I think there is a misconception of what a habit is… still, great video and great yourube channel 👍

  10. The Game of the Century played by donald byrne vs RJ Bobby Fischer

  11. 5 other habits:
    – Energetically rolling a pawn between the fingers
    – Staring at the opponent at the board
    – Staring at the opponent while standing up
    – Stand up frequenly during a game
    – Staring at the clock when the opponent has very little time

  12. In the third position, the smothered mate wasn't what I saw: I immediately saw the discovered check with Nd6, winning the queen. It's frustrating that I in cases like these, I find it easier to win the queen instead of checkmating the king :/ (Nevermind that the smothered mate doesn't precisely work — I didn't even see it, let alone calculate it.)

  13. Uncle Bob brings out his queen early!! He doesn't stick to chess principles!! ):

  14. I’ve never learned so much from any other chess channel in such little time. One of the very best educative chess channels, I swear!

  15. Chess masters does not make mistake. 😉

  16. Game of the Century. Byrne vs. Fischer, 1956

  17. Seems like fishers game of century in fifth habit

  18. I don’t think #1 is a habit. It’s probably closer to a positional tactic good chess players know.

  19. I think we should fear the (absence of a) blunder check habit the most: like in CPR training, what kills our games first really?

  20. Make a video on Greco gambit… I really want to understand it

  21. 4:23 smothered mate was my first reaction but then i realized that black can simply capture with their queen.

  22. 5:23 Bobby Fischer game, i remember the positioning of queen and opponents bishops

  23. Bonus habit:
    Point at things with your middle finger

  24. As always, a well-made and informative presentation. I especially like it that you don't use filler, no unnecessary rambling…alway to the point. Excellent!

  25. Can you please solvewhite king onb1queen on f2 rook on a2 and the black king on b4mate in three

  26. 6:03 Is when I realized this was Bobby Fisher's "Game Of The Century"

  27. You can just go knight d4 fork Queen and pawn on c2

  28. The funny part is that the last habit is being resourceful, but it still says don't be lazy on the video, which reflects Nelson's laziness on creating the last section. Was that intentional?

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