400 Elo Chess Is Painful…

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  1. The only hope I have at chess is knowing that at one time in his life Magnus was a 400 ELO

  2. This is literally the definition of never let them knowbyour next move

  3. as a 400 rated this is accurate to nearly all my games recently

  4. bro i am 500 and i have not seen this since i was 100

  5. Overcomplicate things is me. Too much I'm trying to think 5 steps ahead and try to be sneaky but I miss the obvious stuff in front of my eyes that I blundered

  6. i was visibly cringing with every move at the end fully expecting a stalemate

  7. In the opening does e3 work if you follow up with c4 then if takes bishop to c4?

  8. This is one of my everyday matches😂 lol

  9. Brooooo my mum was here when you said pp on the pp

  10. well , maybe more drama in one game than last 5 WC finals 🙂

  11. "OOH WHEEE SLINGSHOT PEW" nah levy is ruthless💀

  12. i mean every 400 rated player know they made a blunder after they just made the move

  13. Watching these videos at night and falling asleep to them is so relaxing

  14. im 400 rated but litt nobody i play against is this dumb this doesnt make sense😭

  15. 400s just randomly awaken their inner grandmasters every once in a while

  16. I’m 400 Eli but I only make 1-2 blinders a game

  17. This is my favorite video from you so far! love this!!

  18. Im low elo i do very good moves and then… Innacuracy?! Mistake? Blunder??

  19. I think the game is wonderful in as much as it is a great intellectual leveller and can be played by anyone no matter what their ability. Gameswise it's like 4 jumpers to make the goals and a game of football (soccer to you Yankies) in a park. We can't all be Spassky of Fischer – but we can all play and we will all find our own level on pooled social network type platforms. We all had to begin somewhere – let's remember that. Fascinating game

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