4 PLAYER CHESS ft. Alexandra Botez, Agadmator, Anish Giri and Vidit Gujrathi

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  1. Jab vidit aur vishy sir h, toz inn chutiya logon k saath kya khela

  2. House always wins => Samay Raina betrayed everyone by not telling about points.

  3. I'd love a new 4 player chess video. It's so much fun and I feel like i'm part of a family🤲🤍

  4. Let's not anyone copy this…
    Alexandra gets his second Queen straight away… 😀

  5. I love the politics. Trust negotiations. Hilarious!

  6. Anish Giri’s children will one day ask, “Why did you betray Vidit?”. Hahhahahahah!!

  7. This was the best chess stream Samay !!!!

  8. Fav part :- ridiculous 😂 really ridiculous

  9. 🥲Anish Giri. I can feel it when people come together and bully you 🤧🥲

  10. Whenever Anish (Slytherin) is winning chess be like 100 points to Alexandra(Gryffindor)

  11. I want 4 player chess match
    Anish vidit hikaru and magnus
    Alex agad and samay be commentator that match will be more hilariois 😂❤❤

  12. Vidit: you betrayed me anish 😢
    Anish: hihi 😅

  13. Playing chess with vidit is like playing among us

  14. Everyone wants to win , no one wants to have fun.Deep

  15. This is the funniest chess stream ever!! Samay OP!!

  16. Watched the whole stream 3rd time and still it’s so much fun! Anish my man 😂😂 samay bhai thank you for making chess so much fun for us again. ♥️

  17. Anish pe trust kaise kar liya vidit bhai,,, wo bolta hai tabhi pata tha dhokha dega😂

  18. Can someone please share the link to the highlight video of this stream?

  19. This is the best live stream i have ever watched , laughed like crazy throughout

  20. Cheas ja replica of Life. Because life is unfair 😅❤

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