4 Opening Traps Every Chess Player Should Know!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov presents to you 4 opening traps every chess player should know. In the following games, the players were not aware of these traps, and hence were destroyed very badly. That’s why these are some of basic things everybody must know.

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  2. Nicely presented. Thanks! I have just begun to play again (after a 20 +/- year hiatus 🙂 and was out here in the ethernet looking for tutorials, game tactics, techniques and examples, and came across you and your channel. Kudos for the YT video – it jogged the old memory cells and has me ready to set up the pieces and ATTACK! lol. You also got a new subscriber here, but think I'll also be taking some time to check out your other videos and classes.

  3. in fifth example, why would knight actually sacrifice itself for the pawn in the begining?

  4. Don't use word inside the game, not to clear see

  5. That second one… wasn’t that the stafford gambit for white?

  6. #2 looks like a reverse Stafford gambit. i play that alot

  7. 7:30 u could even earn a pawn by doing kE5 because if he take the knight u'll take his queen with a bF7 in the next move.

  8. Last game is fulish as queen can take the knight as well as black knight can also take

  9. All these videos are quite interesting. I'm learning little by little. Define many people I play, most people I play utiliser pawns more to push. I guess kind of Simple playing?. The way I played starting out. Which negates hell are these setups traps.

  10. Thanks for showing some of the excellent traps one can use.

  11. igor has a very funny accent in english 😀

  12. 16:32 white knight can be taken by the black queen, instead of moving the black king in the corner for the checkmate.

  13. I dont understand any video of these people making chess videos. They all just pick one random scenario out of a billion as if my opponent is waiting to play those exact moves i saw in video … and then show how to solve it. They don't explain the idea or a broad base of scenarios which will get covered by the problem.

  14. Hey, I like your videos, what program do you use for your board?

  15. @3:32 "a really interesting moment in the game" & the awkward 20 seconds following this statement is the most interesting part of this video, ironically.

  16. It is the video of Fischer destroyed world no 2 player in 10 move

  17. we all know people who you play with will not play the way you want ..

  18. Okay All is well but You are explaining easy methods,
    It Easy to face block nf3 opening,
    If opponent oppen block nc3 how we have to face .

  19. Black Raven Solutions Wilderness Academy says:

    Fisher bishop 😎

  20. Good teaching! I'm a 65 yrs old man, used to be a good chess player …enjoying your teaching and "chess traps".

  21. first trap bad move if hi will take pon biside the king no i will suport side quain block im the block you can’t not do that trap

  22. 10:20
    There is one way I can think for black to defend the mate-
    Black's bishop to b4(check),
    White's pawn to c3(or any knight to block the check),
    Black's queen to e7(or f6).
    I think that will save the king
    (Note-white's knight to g5 and Black's knight to h6,so same conclusion)
    This is pretty tough situation so black actually loses more material than white does since black bishop may also be taken at the very end.

  23. Igor Igor Igor forgot the editing lol hope you enjoyed your birthday man

  24. Thanks a lot for the lesson i learned a lot God Bless

  25. i think you need to do more i am the president

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