4.4 Million Players – SAME MISTKAE 😮

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  1. a good game style but disappointing that it can only be practiced on 31st October

  2. You made a mistkae in the title.

  3. engine recognises this an an opening. Why is it a mistake?

  4. Thank you so much for the opening variations!

  5. Everybody wants to save the It’s the understanding of sacrificing I can’t get over. I’d be losing our peace or turn it over for them to take a vantage of me. How do you get over that?

  6. I wanted to make y a joke about "mistkæ", but this is actually a really good mistake, i have done it many times and did not see, thank you so much!

  7. What if you go Bb5? If black takes my knight at e3 I that it's knight at c6, give a check, black has to do bc6: and then I can take e5 with my Knight.

  8. 07:30 why dont eat the white horse with the queen instead of doing what you proposed?

  9. This combination is bad only ih you evaluate by taken pieces. Fortunately or not, chess is a bit more complicated than just counting the pieces.. Position and evaluation is equal, not to worry…

  10. I can’t play chess for longer than 30 minutes…. 😢😢😢😢

  11. Well the four knights game is played in theory with 4.Bc4 as far as I know. The mistake, in theory, is 5.Nxe4 since there are better ways to recover that pawn.
    I myself play scotch gambit tho, it's one of my favorite openings.

  12. This is stupid, it's a classic Italian opening, not a mistake

  13. I'm beating bots at 1400 but I'm a 700 something against humans 😂

  14. the "common" mistake here is shoving both of your knights out there blindly.

  15. I think this is the best channel for learning chess

  16. please improve ur spelling
    not 'MISTKAE', it is 'mistake.

  17. Cant tell if its spelled wrong on purpose or by mistkea

  18. Didn't know there were this many variables in chess

  19. There is another variation other than the 3 expected moves. I played the Belgrade Gambit variation where opponent cleverly stops with knight e7😅 after whites knight move to g5, can someone explain from here?

  20. I always fianchetto my bisshop(s) first instead of bringing it out like that.

  21. 6:10 "We're hoping he'll take it." Well, he didn't, he moved knight to b4

  22. why so many out there making this weird motion with the piece when they think the move is clever, also who choose to play the 4 knights with consistency?
    I'm waiting answers, legit!

  23. if you sim1:36,

    than comes D2-D4, E5xD4,E4xC6,B2xC6,D1xD4, O-O

    Than all centerpawns of both sides are gone. With the chance that (in low elo) black doesnt see O-O and plays C3-C4 instead.

  24. I have watched SO many of these openings videos and every time I try them the computer never responds the way it's played out in the videos. You have to just get lucky and the computer plays exactly what moves the teacher says.

  25. White isn't worse at all.. White is +0.15 according to engine after the bishop moves back and recaptures the pawn.

  26. yes but i highly doubt that if i couldn’t find the move. I highly doubt my opponent who is close to my rated elo will see this either.

  27. The first mistake…i could play as black and see them make that mistake 😂

  28. This video is so on point I didn’t understand how time passed. Instant subscribe!

  29. The real mistake is to take the black knight, after it takes your pawn and then moving your bishop. You can lure the king out with your bishop as you say, but not right away.

  30. chess vibes: 4.4 million make this mistkae
    4.4 million people: he makes a mistkae and not a mistake

  31. The bishop's move Fc4, reputed to be bad for White, is an asset for those who want to run the show and lead the offensive.
    Especially with the Halloween Gambit and the White Knight's sacrifice xe5 !

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