30 Queens. Can Martin Win?

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Joe Kempsey:

0:00 Intro
1:34 Game 1
10:03 Game 2

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  1. Martin is programed to play super defensively with his Queen lmao.

  2. Martin is an absolute genius on the chessboard, his strategic brilliance is truly awe-inspiring.

    Martin's mastery of chess is truly remarkable; his moves are like poetry in motion.

    Martin's strategic prowess in chess is unmatched, and his dedication to the game is admirable.

    Martin's chess skills are out of this world; he's a true grandmaster in every sense.

    Watching Martin play chess is like witnessing a work of art; he makes every move with precision and finesse.

    Martin's strategic thinking and tactical awareness in chess are second to none.

    Martin's dedication to perfecting his chess game is truly impressive; he's a role model for aspiring players.

    Martin's passion for chess shines through in his exceptional gameplay; he's a true inspiration for chess enthusiasts.

    Martin's chess skills are nothing short of extraordinary, and his dedication to the game is unwavering.

    Martin's ability to read the chessboard and make brilliant moves is a testament to his expertise as a grandmaster.

  3. I CANNOT believe that Martin didn’t exchange Queens!!

  4. when i saw the title and thumbnail i thought what a clickbait. anyone would win this in 4 moves, no matter how bad. but this level of bad surprised me

  5. For real I'm surprised with those chess "skills" that Martin managed to mate his wife

  6. Stockfish level 1 is more dumb. Try playing chess against it in Lichess.

  7. Overwatch2 cash grab chess non cash grab

  8. 9:46 that was kind of intense, knowing that if he wanted to at any moment, he had so much pressure.
    13:10 the pure laughter from the knight just bulldozing the backyard. Oh it was so glorious.

  9. Bro that guy was a total fool that black guy has 0.1 iq he had so much fire 🔥 power he can destroy his full army bro this video is fake

  10. Martin is a really bad bot I beat him with 2 rooks my King and a queen

  11. Martin is only using a fraction of his power. Just wait until he ascends into mega martin.

  12. That Spanish audio is… interesting.

  13. I once deadass lost to Martin when I was 1100… Let that sink in

  14. About a year ago, I didn’t even know what moves the pieces could do. Now, I can consistently beat Martin and I felt pretty good about that.

    Until I watched this video. 🥲

  15. martin is the best, hes a grandmaster but spends time with his kids and loses for them

  16. give martin a break man he is doing his best

  17. how do you play custom games against bots

  18. Nah you gotta do this with Nelson, not Martin xD

  19. How would you even set up a custom match like that?

  20. Damn this dude is fucking trash geez 😂😂😂

  21. 1:14 "well that's debatable"💀💀💀💀 nahh bro did himself dirty

  22. At the end of the day, at least I’m not as bad as Martin at chess

  23. This reminds me of the Elden Ring video by Let Me Solo Her where every enemy was Malenia.

  24. resumen:no
    pierde martin grax por mis 0 likes

  25. My middle name is Martin. I too, can be as thick as a whale omelette at Chess.

  26. Martin is not the bot that the world wants, and he's not the bot that the world needs, but he's the bot that's the world gets

  27. Martin is my dad's name and he's really good at chess ♟️

  28. Plot twist:todos somos hijos de Martín y está teniendo compasión por nosotros para enseñarnos

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