3 Moves Knight Chess TRICK!

3 Moves Knight Chess TRICK!


  1. Great pronunciation 👍🏻
    It's pronounced like t'side-note

  2. You have taught me so much that I have defeated my dad today
    My dad taught me what chess is

  3. this video plays like a sigma grindset #136 Ryan Gosling Literally me ong fr fr

  4. This actually helps a lot just in general when tryna not get forked haha

  5. In my german opinion, you pronounced that pretty well.

  6. Everyone a Gangsta until Knight forks both queen and king

  7. ur pronunciations are fine with me but other people who pronounce Zugzwang like💀💀

    pronounciation is "Tsuktsvang"

  8. The pronunciations fine, and I'm not even German I just speak it.

  9. Your pronounciation is actually quite good, Zugzwang is still the Goat tho

  10. You speak it like Zitenote but its written zeitnot

  11. Pronounced: tseyetnote and in dutch its very similair: tijdnood pronounced: teyednote

  12. A very good lesson about night compulsions.

  13. zugzwang is always something i can laugh about when not germans say it

  14. You pronounce Zeitnot so Bad.

    Nö Just kidding

  15. at the beginning, King to B6 is way better dude, what are you even talking about 😂😂😂

  16. I don't want to blame anyone here, you pronounced it good but if you really want to pronounce it good you have to say it like tsaidnot. Pronounce the o like an o in the alphabet. Also you make great content

  17. When a foreign person pronounces smth right in yo language it just feels better than anything

  18. Why usw the Word Zeitnot when Not everyone can pronounce it probality some Characters development

  19. Try to don’t pronounce it like Zeitnout try it like (big letters pronounced and small not that pronounced) ZeitNot

  20. Ngl this trick made me win 5 endgames in a row, and im garbage at endgames

  21. Your pronunciation is fine bro… infact having a bit different pronunciation makes it interesting to listen.

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