3 greatest chess players



  1. For everyone who is commenting on Fiscer not being here, he didn't deserve it. Listen first and then write all your angry replies. First of all, he had a terrible attitude. He said a lot of bad stuff about women not being good at chess, how he hates other players, etc. Second, Anand is a LEGEND. You people are probably less experienced and below 2000 fide, so you don't know anything about him. HE INFLUENCED INDIA. HE INSPIRED GUKESH AND ARJUN. We're talking about the greatest people, not the person who wins the most. The respect goes to the man who isn't just a world champ, he is also a world champ by heart. He doesn't talk trash about others, respects others, etc.

  2. And by that logic, best person, Magnus should not be on the list. He has a massive ego, and can NEVER handle losing

  3. No ficher was a lengened unreal you cant take that from him.

  4. mikhail tal was able to beat magnus carslen

  5. Aron Nimsowitsch,Tal,Fischer,Bottvinnik,Lasker,Capablancq

  6. Bobby Fischer can crush Vishy and destroy magnus all that magnus needs is to be world champ for a little bit longer then he can take Garry kasporov and Fischer

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